going out of my mind

Yesterday the landlord came over with a painter of his choice to give a price on repainting the apartment and I nearly fell over at the guy saying it would be 5,500 shekels (my damn rent is only 3600). The last apartment was painted for only 900 shekels. So now I’ve got to call Ronen and see if he can recommend someone who will repaint at a reasonable price and I have to let the landlord know by tomorrow who it is.

My neighbour across the hall is taking the refrigerator and dryer so I’ll only be moving the washer and this means I can keep the little microwave/cabinet thing.

I just found out that there is a hold on my bank account because the ecul I set up with the iriyah (automatic payments for the arnona tax on the apartment) did not ever get put through on their end and so none of the payments have been made since January when I went in and set it up with them. So I made the payments via credit card but it won’t be until next Thursday that I can take any money out of my bank account. Why it takes them 7 days to unfreeze the bank account, I don’t know but I am mad enough to spit nails. I’ve got to pay the movers next thursday and so they are definitely getting paid by check and not cash.

I’ve got to set up the flight. I got Ronen to order the bowls for the two cat carriers that will go in cargo but need to go and buy a soft carrier for Mischa as you can’t bring on hard cases for the carry-on critters.

I’m still packing. I’ve got a list a mile long of things to get done. I’m still getting over the food poisoning I got yesterday — seems my mayonnaise went off. I’m never going to be able to look at much less eat tuna fish salad again.

My stress level is off the charts.


2 responses to “going out of my mind”

  1. Larry007 says :

    You can take an chinese worker to do the work for you. You buy the paint and the tools and then on Saturday morning at 6am go outside and look for clusters of chinese construction workers. You pick one and come home with him. He’ll tell you a price, you tell him: no,no, no… and he threatens to go…you tell him : go, go…then he gives you a smaller cost, and so it goes on…’till you settle with him on a price…also tell him to do the work chick chak, not to fondle too much with it, just a quick painting work…Also they want to eat lunch so you must be prepared…it will cost you ~1000 shekels more or less…

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