Ceasefire or major Gaza op?

The Palestinian factions in the negotiation are in disarray and can’t agree with one another much less to ceasefire terms. It is looking like there won’t be an agreement. Should they refuse to come to terms, it is looking like there will be a major op in Gaza and we are preparing for renewed hostilities.

Train service to the south of Israel has been suspended pending the refitting of trains to withstand anti-tank fire. Our trains are already kitted out to withstand smaller explosive attacks but only a couple of them have gone through the upgrading needed in today’s reality.

The fact that train service has been suspended this early suggests that there ain’t going to be any sort of deal forged in Cairo. If hostilities resume, the only option is going to be to remove the terror threat in Gaza. That means a major operation. It really is going to mean going house to house and confiscating the rockets, weapons, etc. and hunting down the terrorist hubs and their leaders.


One response to “Ceasefire or major Gaza op?”

  1. Lynne says :

    This is terrible news.

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