packing going apace

I have about four shelves of stuff to sort through and stuff in the bathroom left. I’ve got to clean 5 more of the cat carriers and break down all but 3 of them (one of those will get donated but I need to get the cats into them for when the movers come) and clean the big cat cage. The cleaning of the carriers got a bit stymied when I went out this morning to clean the ones I had soaking overnight and found that our garden hose is gone. Like gone gone.

I’ve got to move the 10 boxes still stored in the machsan out and clean them off. They are very dirty. Then I have the clothing issue. If anyone knows of a place that sells mamoth-sized rolling suitcases (you know those extra-gigantic kinds) please let me know. I have to go into work tomorrow for most of the day and will stop at the mall on the way home to try to find one — I forecast being up all night tomorrow with the clothing packing issue. Still I’m in pretty good shape. Not having a million cats in the mix definitely makes things go much more smoothly.


2 responses to “packing going apace”

  1. Larry007 says :

    IF you have time you should check the Florentin, Drom Tel Aviv area for stores which sell suitcases, they have very good prices compared to what you can get at the mall. Check Derech Yafo street and all that area, it can take some time but definitely worth it

    • israeliminx says :

      Larry thanks! If I had one more day, argh. But hmm, maybe if I set aside a nice big pile (I mean shoes people, I want at least 2 pairs), got the suitcase after and whatever doesn’t fit I could put in a box to mail…

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