American journalist James Foley beheaded by ISIS

Saw some of the pictures on twitter and you definitely don’t want to see them or share them. It doesn’t seem to have hit the mainstream media yet. Foley was kidnapped in 2012 while covering the civil war in Syria. ISIS has published the beheading of the journalist in a video titled “Message to America.”


34 responses to “American journalist James Foley beheaded by ISIS”

  1. kwstas adrian says :

    I believe that muslims are the biggest problem in this world. They wait for the moment to kill us all and destroy our civilization.They are barbarians who do not deserve our tolerance. I can now understand how difficult is for israel to survive among these animals. I believe that the only nation that can oppose to them and is determined to do so, is Israel.
    People are crying for five kids that accidentally killed in palestine ,but they do not care for the hundreds of kids killed by islamists, in iraq, syria, and elsewhere.

  2. Thomas says :

    What I hate about these extremist Islamic groups such as ISIS is that they so often go on & on about God or Allah.
    These mothefuckers are about as far away from God or Allah as one could fact they are about as close to Satan as one could imagine.
    I also wonder what Allah would think about their evil deeds…so lets ask him eh?

  3. Charlie Nicholas says :

    Let them duke it out. Our people should not be over there. Our kids are starving, people can’t pay off hospital bills, our roads and infrastructure are falling apart. Why are we helping out everyone else when we’re not helping out own, nor is anyone else helping us out?

  4. Lynne says :

    You know, even with everything that ISIS is doing: executions, rape, beheadings, threats, there is still not the shrill hysterical diatribes like those aimed at Israel from the mainstream media or from “activists”.

  5. daniyar2014dani says :

    Full video of beheading:

  6. Lynne says :

    ABC reporting that Obama was informed about the threat to James Foley before he went on vacation.

    • israeliminx says :

      Yes and when news came out that Foley had been beheaded the British PM CANCELLED his vacation –at the same hour Obama flew back to resume his.

      • Lynne says :

        I was reading about narcissists today, and that is Obama. He does not care if he is criticized; he is not at all interested in the opinions of others about him. He is so totally self-centered and self-absorbed that he cannot even imagine that others have ideas, opinions or feelings. He has no compassion. He doesn’t care about those facing death, genocide in Iraq. His remarks about genocide (and and his answer was to a reporter asking whether he would intervene in Iraq if there was a danger of genocide) were chilling and disturbing in the abstract way that he talks about it. He is a most dangerous president; he is inadequate to be president in every respect. He has endangered the US and the entire world. I knew he would be a terrible president but he is so much more scary and horrible than I could ever imagine.

  7. jj says :

    Dear Islamic Militants,
    Thanks for showing us how life will be under your leadership.
    Now prepare to be wiped out of civilization! You just signed your
    own death warrant, a mass killing if you will of all Islamic Militants.

    • Lynne says :

      I do think (and I frankly HOPE) that enough right-thinking people will take action. It probably won’t be the US unless enough pressure can be brought on that worthless fool Obama. And, the UK and the US have betrayed those in the region who are reasonable, like the Kurds, and I hope that changes. I live in Austin, Texas and I am seeing signs everywhere to donate to support the people of Iraq. I hope that feeling is widespread and that swift action is taken to reduce the suffering of the people of Iraq, and to squash the hell out of ISIS. Those in the US and in Europe who secretly support ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood (like corrupt Obama) had better be rethinking their commitment.

  8. janfromreno says :

    These pukes are trying to make us shiver in terror & become complacent at these atrocities & the dumb asses don’t realize that video taping these barbaric executions only make us/US more determined to wipe these crazy psychos off the planet! I say, “Nuke ’em! Nuke them all!”

  9. XSouthAfricanGal says :

    I have a question: I have recently come back from London and I read there that Britain has for some reason become a breeding ground for extreme Islamists.
    What might be the reason for this in your opinion ?

    • Lynne says :

      XSouthAfricanGal, I’ve no idea other than the UK has a long history of anti-Semitism that goes back centuries —and also has held in contempt the people of India, the Middle East, South America, and other places that they colonized (for example, referring to Arabs as “Sand Monkeys”) during their centuries of imperialism. They treated them brutally (example: blackbirding in the South Pacific, taking native people by force to work as slaves in the guano mines in South America). Perhaps that is fertile ground for hatred of others, and as I said, the UK has a long history of anti-Semitism. If you look at the BBC which has an extremely anti-Israel bias, one can only believe that the hatred of the Jews and Israel has been encouraged within the UK. Any group that abuses others encourages abuse and extremist thinking. The surest way to have a healthy society is to hold high standards and promote fairness for all, and in the absence of that, the society suffers.

      After the July subway bombings in London, a committee in the UK was formed to try to study why the extremists were targeting the people of London, and they reached the erroneous conclusion that it was “poverty” and “lack of opportunity”, a conclusion that was swiftly disproved as many of those involved owned prosperous businesses and had privileged backgrounds. In fact, the attempt to blow up an airport in the UK was carried out by Arab DOCTORS who held positions of prestige and lived in comfortable circumstances. So, my feeling is that many in the UK subtly and not so subtly encourage extremism, if it is aimed at Jews now, but the unintended consequence is that they too will become targets as Westerners and Christians. Of course, there are many wonderful people in the UK, but the fact that the BBC is such a biased, corrupt media is evidence that something is wrong in the UK in general.

      • XsouthAfricanGal says :

        I’m not talking about antisemitism but about whole areas in London (ie white Chapel) which have become Islamic (I’m talking Burkas and the like) .Walking through there feels like you have just landed in Qatar and not walking through a London suburb .

        Its kind of Unnerving …
        Makes you wonder what pulls the extremely religious to a foreign country which might look at them askew for wearing the Burka … I wonder if these women even work .. and if they do how can they sit with clients wearing the Burka ?
        I have nothing against Islam and the hijab for example but if you are such a religious Muslim why choose to live in a foreign country?

        • Lynne says :

          XSouthAfricanGal, I was answering your musings about the development of extremism in the UK, but I guess I went off on a tangent. I was thinking that the UK has had a history—a long, long history, of intolerance and contempt for especially “dark skin people”. This type of environment is a breeding ground for extremism. But as to why so many foreigners would be attracted to the UK….perhaps to make a big impact on that very country, by not assimilating, but remaining separate, and in the case of all but the most moderate Muslims, demanding that the Western countries CHANGE everything from their educational system to Sharia law, as has happened in the UK. The best way to destroy a country is from within.
          A big question that I have is why does the UK allow them in?????? Why? And that is true of the US as well. Of course, our bureaucrats in the US are crazy. They reissued the visas to the 9/11 terrorists. Seriously. They make it nearly impossible for highly trained professionals to fill jobs in the US in areas where we have a shortage of those professionals (I have two friends (petroleum engineers with specialties) who are struggling with this now). And then we have the stupid Obama calling the illegal immigrants who have zero skills “dreamers”…saying that they are the “best and the brightest”.
          I have many questions about allowing in immigrants who may have terrorist ties, who have few or zero skills, and which compromises US security.
          Security….the DHS in the US, the Immigration Services, FBI, CIA and local police could not detect the two Russian terrorists from a terrorist area even when warned and the result was the Boston Marathon Bombings. There is a steep price that people pay when those charged with making good decisions for their countries, don’t.

        • israeliminx says :

          I could write a full essay on this but in a nutshell it goes back to numerous policies put in place by the Labour govt particularly in the 90s and first half of the decade of 2000.

  10. XsouthAfricanGal says :

    I would like more detail as i find this aspect quite fascinating . Especial the fact that the journalist “executioner \murderer might be British..

    What attracts the extreme Muslims to the UK.? I mean Life there isn’t cheep .. finding good employment from what I hear.. not easy.. the weather ? not easy..
    so whats the attraction?

    • israeliminx says :

      The problem is really multi-layered. Most of the folks going jihadi in the U.K. are second and third generation and from relatively upscale families (middle to upper middle class). Most are college-educated and, in fact, a good number became radicalized through the Muslim associations on their campuses that linked up with radical preachers/groups.

      Now here is why the U.K. became a haven for the extremists who then set about radicalizing the local Muslims. It is extremely difficult to deport people from the U.K. and was essentially impossible under the Labour govts rules, so long as they claimed they would face persecution or prosecution in their home countries. A large number of known terrorists and extremists fled into Britain in the 90s and early years of the last decade –including people who had been convicted in abstentia of committing terrorist attacks. So you had major terrorists from Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia etc who the U.K. wouldn’t deport because they faced the death penalty back home. In fact, France had given haven to a couple of known terrorists who then blew up some cafes in France and fled to the U.K. — and the U.K. wouldn’t send them back to France, even though France doesn’t have the death penalty, because France “might” have deported them back to their home countries after they served their sentence in France. After more than a decade of arguing between the two countries, the U.K. did send one of the guys back to France (I think in 2009) where he is now in jail.

      These extremists/known terrorists not only were/are footloose and fancy free in the U.K. (because they’d committed no crimes there) but many of them living large on the benefits they receive — with large families (often multiple wives) they were housed literally in mansions on the taxpayer’s dime, did not work, but were bringing in more money than middle class families with two working parents because of the child benefits and unemployment benefits. That was certainly the case with Omar Bakri Muhammad and others. They’ve had 20 and more years to radicalize U.K. born Muslims and now there is an entire generation’s worth of radical preachers there (e.g., folks like Anjem Choudry) that are now radicalizing the current generation.

      • XsouthAfricanGal says :

        What in your opinion can be done to halt this worrying phenomenon ? There are complete suburbs in London which have gone totally Muslim.. Upon visiting one of these areas I found my self wondering could I have landed in Qatar? .

        Could Britain for example ban women from wearing the Burka ? monitoring the local Madras’s (Islamic learning centers) , getting the local moderate Muslims to shun the extremist, getting the Imam’s to cooperate with authorities. Letting the Muslims know that co operating with the local government is to their own good too.

        How about as soon as these extremists leave for training in Syria or any other Muslim country confiscate their passports and not letting then re- enter the UK .
        In my opinion Britain is just to concerned with PC and is far too lenient.

        • israeliminx says :

          XSag — well your trip to the U.K. seems to have given you a pretty strong change in views.

          I’m not sure it is possible to put the genie back in the bottle. I’m of two minds when it comes to banning the burka — on the one hand, people should be able to dress as they want but on the other hand we know from ample evidence that a huge number of women don the burka out of fear in many cases literally for their lives from their family members and surrounding community.

          I would say most definitely if someone has gone off to be a Jihadi or train as a Jihadi over-seas then they should not be let back in. The problem is in determining if that is the case or if they legitimately went to visit family or to study or…and what to do in the case that they went off to study in a madrassa that teaches an extremist philosophy but isn’t directly involved in terrorism…and you get the idea.

          There was a (failed) policy in place for many years of throwing money at and promoting ‘moderate’ Muslim leaders in the U.K. but unfortunately many of these moderates turned out to not be so moderate –they said all the right things to officials and for public consumption but what they were doing out of the public eye was promoting extremism. There was recently the school scandal where a bunch of schools that Ofsted had given fantastic ratings to turned out to be, behind closed doors, imposing and teaching a Salafist (extremist) version on Islam in the schools.

          It is a huge problem and not likely to go away anytime soon.

          • XsouthAfricanGal says :

            Umm I still consider my self moderate but yes seeing what is happening in London and reading that perhaps the leaders are British has made me think that perhaps the government needs to put forward a no tolerance policy to extremism.

            As for Burka yes in my opinion it should be banned (the burka only … not the hijab ) I want to see the face of whom I’m talking to . I want to know that the person behind it is a woman not a man hiding a weapon for example .

            When I’m walking in London I want to see English street names and not Arabic street names, Arabic banks , Hair – Salons .. restaurants ..

            I’m all for religious freedom… wear what you wish (as long as i can see your face) worship whom you wish .. But if you are in Europe live like a European .. go to European Banks , live on European street names ect…

            As schools as long as they teach moderate Islam together with subjects like Math, English, sciences ect.. I’m fine with it.

            • israeliminx says :

              I agree that the street names should be English street names but I have zero problem with there being hair salons, restaurants etc that are Arabic or Indian or Japanese or any other culture. Good l-rd I’ve had some of the most amazing Indian food EVER in the U.K. I have no problem with there being banks from all over the world, so long as the bank in question isn’t involved in funneling money to terrorist organizations.

              • XsouthAfricanGal says :

                Here Israel there are international restaurants( The Sharon area) but in white chapel for example all the takeaways are either Lebanese food, Moroccan , Algerian ect and only one Starbucks (where i felt comfortable to have some hot coco and muffin..
                Banks should be of the place you live (all the banks here in Israel for example are Israeli) ..
                When in Britain do as the British (in my opinion)

  11. chairwoman says :

    I have a lot to say on this, peops, which will take some time, so for now let me just say that the average indigenous Brit is not in any way antisemitic, nor anti Israeli. The voices you here are those of a certain socio-economic political class. Islam is actively disliked by Mr and Mrs .Average. To here the real voice of the UK in general listen to LBC, if it’s available,Saturday evenings 4pm /7pm EST approx for what the word on the streets really is. Also become my facebook friend and read fairly civilised opinions on both sides of the street.

    More tomorrow?

    • israeliminx says :

      Chairwoman, can’t wait to hear your take on things!!! I’m googling LBC now and see if I can get it online.

      • XsouthAfricanGal says :

        The LBC is a Lebanese Broadcasting co op .. Dont speak Arabic … (this is what I got from google)

    • XsouthAfricanGal says :

      I for one did not go advertising the fact that I’m Jewish\ Israeli and when asked I said X south African ….
      I have a very distinct SA accent. Easy to recognize as such.

      I stayed in Bayswater – and went once to white chapel both very Muslim and foreign.

      I did read in the daily mail of some supermarkets (tessco and another one) removing Israeli products from their shelves

      And yes … would love to hear \ read what you have to say

    • Lynne says :

      Chairwoman, yes, more tomorrow!

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