movers are gone and the apartment is still so not empty

First and foremost, my apartment is like seriously filthy. I mean the smang that was residing under pieces of furniture that you can’t mop or sweep under is like truly horrifying.

Second, the movers forgot a few things. I’m okay with that, nothing critical got left and…I have a lot of shit. Granted, I have less than half of what I moved from NYC with but I still have a lot of shit. It is going to have to go into the $200/mo storage area. I should have donated the bed.

I still have a lot of shit left too that I have to shlep out for donation. The moving guys had promised to carry down the three big pieces of furniture to the street for donation for me but they were too exhausted and I couldn’t press them. I was their third big move of the day and they were literally stumbling with exhaustion at the end.

If I were to have to make an international move I’d have to have everything re-packed. This was definitely local moving standards –in other words, g-d only knows what is in each box (they put clothing in with a mix of kitchen glassware, books, and computer wire things all in the same box) –and of course did not label anything. Some of the stuff they just took down in those plastic bins that didn’t have lids (the one’s I’d piled stuff in so they could be boxed by kind and not mixed and matched so I could one day open the box and be like oh here are all my computer things. Yeah.). They even unpacked some of the stuff I’d packed.

Well, I’d better go mop Nesicha’s room so I can let the poor little thing out of her carrier. She’s been in there all day.


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