small reprieve

I was seriously panicked because I fell asleep last night when I just sat down to rest my eyes for a minute and woke up nearly 4 hours later. I have been literally racing around the apartment, up and down the stairs putting stuff out for donation, into the trash, bags of recycling down. Stuff into suitcases, into the plastic container boxes, into the washer, the dryer and out again. (One more load still to wash). The movers called and said they can’t get here until 4 ….woo hoo!! Thank the heavens.

The only bad thing about it is that poor Nesicha has already been yowling her little head off in a cat carrier for an hour.

Right, back to the race track!

Update: Everything from the kitchen is out, piled into a big plastic storage bin and ready for them to pack into boxes. Mischa is peeing on everything he can find (hence that last 1 more load, and now yet another one). In another 10 minutes I’ll be able to scratch the bathroom (towels, sundries, hair ties etc) off the list as the second cleared room. I’ve closed the suitcases but still keep finding stuff that I’m like damn, I’m going to want this. It is hard to pack for 4 seasons into one big and one small suitcase. Two pairs of shoes people and for a girl that is just a criminal act. Even still, with the files and stuff I need to take I’m going to have to mail a box. Back to it.


2 responses to “small reprieve”

  1. Lynne says :

    Oh my gosh. Controlled chaos. Wish I were there to help. Let me know and I will fly over there.

  2. erin says :

    Yikes! When do you fly here? Are you guys having any red alerts?

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