Busy morning and thank G-d for Ronen

It has been a busy morning so far even though I slept in until 8. I’ve gotten about half of the empty boxes and donation items save for the still-in-use kitchen stuff and the large furniture pieces down.

I went to my pet store and arranged for the 2 bags of litter, the mega-sized bag of Georgi cat food, and the big bag of pet time food they still had waiting for me to be delivered to fellow rescuer Sharon. We’ve got to find someone with a car so she can get the bags of food and litter, cat beds my cats are still using or that I couldn’t get washed before the movers came, and a nice cat carrier from me. I bought 6 of the wet-food-in-pouches for carrying on the plane for the kitties (we have an over-night layover) and discovered that they also don’t carry the soft-sided carriers you need to use for kitties in cabin on El Al.

I stopped by to say bye and thank my second favourite vet, Shelly. You know you have a caring vet when they hear the news that your pet has died suddenly and they burst into tears. She was like “oh did you see, I put the picture I took of Little Mouse on the wall in the waiting room. I hung it up just last week.” Yes, I did see it. He’s one of only three of her patients she’s taken pictures of and displayed. Little Mouse was a very special little creature and he touched the hearts of everyone who got to know him.

Then I got home and called Ronen. He’s got a soft-sided carrier just in that he special-ordered for someone who called and said they didn’t want it after all. He can board Nesicha next week from when the painters come to when I need to take her to the airport. When I bring her in to board he’ll have all the paperwork ready for me to take to the national vet for their exit papers, the cat carrier ready, and we’ll go together to a place that he knows sells the food and water bowls to attach to the carriers for the cargo kitties. He’s going to find me painters. I gave him the quote from the guy the landlord brought in and he nearly fainted. He was like no way, this should not come to more than 1800 shekels at the absolute most, including the paint. I was like, that’s what I thought! My last apartment was not that much smaller than this one, just laid out in a funky way, and it had a yellow room that needed 4 coats of white paint to cover the yellow (the landlord had painted it yellow then insisted it revert to white) and it cost only 900 shekels for everything. 5000 shekels, indeed.

In other news, Mischa and Batya have become fast friends. They are laying next to each other (and to me) right now. They lick each other’s heads and hang out together. This is relatively new behaviour for both. Mischa has not bonded to any other cat except for Pandy in his long life. Batya is so jealous for attention that she has never formed a friendship. Now the two are nearly inseparable.

Right, now I’ve had my break, I’ve got to take one of the pieces of furniture down and then hit the store for soda (missing the darn sodastream already), cream for coffee, and lettuce for tomorrow. At 5 I celebrate the start of Shabbat with the little family next door.


One response to “Busy morning and thank G-d for Ronen”

  1. Lynne says :

    I don’t know why I ever worry about you; you always have everything under control!

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