In a corner, under a table, for a Shabbat meal with small children thanks to Hamas

I just got back from spending the Shabbat meal with my neighbours. Right as we finished the blessing over the bread we heard the unmistakable loud boom of a rocket explosion, followed in less than a second by the loud wailing of sirens. It was a mad dash to unstrap the twins from their baby seats, herd the two older little girls into the corner of the room beside the refrigerator and then drag the table, laden with the Shabbat meal, over to cover them. Then we three adults crouched down just outside the table to provide an extra protective shield. As the windows and chinaware on the table shook with the booms of explosions, I reached onto the table and grabbed the challah and then passed out bites to the little ones.

“Look, aren’t we lucky, we’re having a Shabbat picnic under the table.”

It was the only thing I could think of to say to them but both the twins stopped crying as they took the pieces of bread I’d torn off and examined them and me. They looked like little tear-streaked wide-eyed owls that were frightened and confused. We stayed there for more than 20 minutes as, just as we’d thought it was ok to come out there was another blast. The kids mostly had bread for this Shabbat meal. I kept tearing off pieces and passing them out making a game of them being little birds in a cozy nest and every other kind of nonsense I could think of to keep them distracted. Their father played along but their mother kept a white-knuckled grip on my knee and was shaking so hard I was afraid she was going to pass out.

We came out, put the table back, the kids into their chairs, finished the blessings, ate the meal and sang the after the meal songs. This is life in Israel.


12 responses to “In a corner, under a table, for a Shabbat meal with small children thanks to Hamas”

  1. erin says :

    I am so sorry this is how you spent tonight. It infuriates me that this is just “normal” for Israelis and that the world isn’t seeing the bizarro-ness of this despite their wake-up from ISIS. I am glad you were with your little family tonight though. Sounds like you saved the day with your Shabbat picnic. What will they do without their Aunt Yaeli? 🙂

    • israeliminx says :

      Lol, bigger question: What will their Aunt Yaeli do without them?! 🙂 I hope Shabbat rings in a whole lot calmer for you. Hug.

      • Tom Tom Nelson says :

        Well, you might just find out what you will do with out them. Is that what you want?

        In the end, what is important isn’t who you will die for…It’s who you would KILL FOR.

        I would kill for my family, my friends, my neighbors and my country,

        Who would you kill for Yaeli? You need to ask yourself that.

  2. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    When on earth is this Israeli government wake up and do something LONG-TERM and FOREVER concerning Gaza and Hamas? Instead of repeating the same idiotic and completely inefficient actions that the previous Israeli governments have carried out several times these past DECADES and that all led to the same cycle of launch of rockets into Israel, reply by Israel with a launch of missiles, then truce, then a few months or a year later, repeat of the same idiotic and completely inefficient actions by the Israeli government!!
    1) full attack of Gaza and killing of all the Hamas terrorists as well as the political masterminds behind Gaza.
    2) expulsion of ALL the inhabitants of Gaza FOREVER!!
    3) say to the world that Gaza is now back to total Israeli sovereignty as it is currently according to the UN. Except this time it is reality.

    Read “Gaza rocket that killed four-year-old Israeli was launched near UNRWA school, says IDF | JPost | Israel News” at

  3. Tom Tom Nelson says :

    Why doesn’t Jews in Israel talk like this!

    Oh, I forgot, you are hiding in corners!

    Jews are pathetic. When they aren’t hiding in corners or attics they are lining up in train stations for the cattle cars.


    What did “never again” mean for that four year old kid in Jerusalem?

    • israeliminx says :

      You have been identified as a troll. I am going to give the only response I will ever give to you and I hope other commenters here will take the hint and ignore you.

      I don’t need to fight — I’m beyond military service and reserve service age as are the parents of the children, all under the age of 6, we sheltered. I don’t need to fight because we have the best military in the world to fight for us, doing exactly what a military should and that is protecting the homeland and the civilians. We have amazing defenses especially with the Iron Dome performing at above 90% to take out missiles. Civilians in the center shelter because of that 10% of the time that the Iron Dome doesn’t manage to take out the incoming rocket and civilians in the south shelter because nothing has been developed to take out a short-range rocket that takes 15 seconds or less from launch to hit its target.

      And get your facts straight: The little boy who was killed did not live in Jerusalem but in a Kibbutz close to the Gaza border.

      Further you are wrong in your characterization of our country. We are the only Jewish State but that does not mean all our citizens are Jewish — we have more than 16 religions flourishing here. Our military also has soldiers fighting for our country and they hail from all of the religious communities here. We’ve many Muslim, Christian, Bahai, Druze, etc. soldiers proudly defending our country and of whom we are proud.

      • Lynne says :

        Yaeli, I am looking for it, but yesterday I came across a comment from an Arab in Egypt who said that Arabs in Israel have the safest and best lives.

  4. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Nice shabbat description with kids, Yael, thanks for sharing.

    Here are a few articles that I recently read and that are worth remembering when we speak about Muslims, not only Muslims from the Middle East but from anywhere. I could say “I told you so!” on this matter but it seems that I am often more right than wrong on what I sometimes say. Even though, I certainly sometimes would like to be wrong, for instance concerning the compulsive hate that Muslims have against Jews, the State of Israel and Israelis.

    Here are two articles worth remembering when you think about Muslims and how “good” these people supposedly are for a few among you! They are only two out of many similar articles that I have read over the years.
    —“Watch: Pro-Palestinians Defend Hitler in London – Global Agenda – News – Arutz Sheva” at
    —“Swedish Woman Beaten for Wearing Star of David – Jewish World – News – Arutz Sheva” at

    For all the haters of Jews, Israelis and of the State of Israel, the people of Israel will one day reconquer its entire land and will flourish on their ancestral Land of Israel FOREVER and you will never be able to do anything about it.

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