Dude the trolls are out in force

The other day one of my posts got 18,000 hits in a day (totally blew my 12k high prior out of the water since blogging at this address) and seems to have attracted, along with legitimate new commenters, a whole host of Anti-Semitic trolls. I’ve got something like 50 comments still in moderation all from different ips but all banging essentially the same drum –and so many of them using almost the exact same wording I suspect some of them are doing a coordinated action. A few of the trolls got through — just ignore them and don’t respond. I’ll try to ferret out the legitimate new commenters and get their messages up but it may take a bit. Rather busy here with other things.


10 responses to “Dude the trolls are out in force”

  1. erin says :

    Wow. 18k! That’s amazing! As for the trolls-yeesh. I know they are talking out of their asses and they are ignorant of facts and real life, but I have yet to get to the point where I am immune from the constant barrage of hate.

    Okay….so have you seen this? It was posted on a pro-Israel site on Facebook. Apparently this was taken in jordan. What is Israel going to do about these maniacs?!

  2. Lynne says :

    The King of Jordan is from a minority sect, isn’t he? I believe that his family was put into power by the UK….not sure. And, I know that he has had difficulty ruling a majority Palestinian country, even though he married a (very beautiful) Palestinian woman. It is very possible that he could be supporting the MB and extremists, but if so, he is making a huge mistake. He will have much to lose. I believe that I know who your source is; he is very reliable.

    • Erin says :

      Do you guys have this horrible feeling of dread in your stomach all the time? Don’t know how else to describe it…just has been there since the kidnappings in June. Sometimes it is less noticeable, but never truly disappears….

  3. dumbledoresarmy says :

    Re the trolls. I doubt they’re the common or garden internet trolls who will try to make trouble anywhere; they don’t care two hoots about the subject of whatever website or blog they decide to infest, all they want is attention and to stir up sh*t for fun. Israel-related and/ or jihad-related websites get something else again: people who intentionally set out to disrupt, demoralise and confuse. Some of them Muslims (openly declared or wearing masks); some of them Useful Idiots; and some, old-fashioned non-Muslim Jewhates who’ve been emboldened by the presence of the Muslims and what the Muslims are getting away with. Me, when I think of *those* really nasty trolls, or disruptors, I use imagery from the Harry Potter books. The crude, stupid ones I think of as “boggarts”; open ridicule or scathing irony often throws them off their stride. The sly horrible kind I think of as “dementors”. To protect oneself psychologically from those, one needs the equivalent of the patronus charm; probably not a bad idea to mentally recite the sh’ma, after a run-in with a mohammedan dementor or its fellow-travellers.

  4. israeliminx says :

    Erin, my stomach sinks when I think of the rest of the Middle East but I have no fears that we can’t protect ourselves.

    Dumbledore’s Army — I love it 🙂 Expecto patronus!

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