Rockets from Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and a couple of good reads

It doesn’t look like Lebanon is going to enter the fray, at least at the moment, despite several rockets being fired at the Israel from there. The Lebanese army is searching for the culprits and destroyed one of the rocket launchers. It wasn’t Hezbollah and actually Hezbollah has been pretty slammed, not by us, but by fighting in Syria: Nearly 600 of the Hezbollah fighters who jumped into battle in Syria have been killed this past 6 weeks.

A couple of mortars came in from Syria as well but, again, they have their hands full and are not likely to do any sort of major attacks on us anytime soon.

Last night there was another attack on the center, the sirens went but only 1 rocket reached the Tel Aviv area and Iron Dome took it out.

Here are a couple of good reads, one from Stratfor and one from Caroline Glick. They make a nice complementary package of info:

The Hard Hand of the Middle East at Stratfor

Understanding the Israeli-Egyptian-Saudi Alliance by Caroline Glick


One response to “Rockets from Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and a couple of good reads”

  1. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    An interesting article on amazing Christian Zionists, mostly from the USA. I love these Christian Zionists, many of them more worthy than sometimes a few blind Israeli Jews who profess their opposition to the State of Israel in various ways (yes, they are rare but they do exist unfortunately).
    Read “Despite Tension, Volunteers From Abroad will be Working in the Farms of Judea and Samaria – YouTube” at

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