step by slow step

The painter is coming on Wednesday afternoon and will be here until midnight. The price he quoted was 1800 sheks but I will have 2500 on hand just in case.

Today so far I managed to get the dresser downstairs and completely cleaned the large bedroom — cleaned the trisim, the screens, the window and sills, cleaned the wardrobe inside and out, cleaned the two glass doors, their frames and mezuzaot, cleaned the ceiling fan (which was a trick because I discovered the movers moved the ladder –the landlord’s ladder, ahem) and the floor. That room just needs to be painted now and the floors washed one more time afterwards.

I brought a sack of groceries over to the holocaust survivor in the building next door (the one who loved to come and admire my garden and that I shared the bounty with) and will put together another one at the end of the week depending on what is left over.

I started freezing water bottles because I’ll have to turn the fridge off tomorrow night and clean it so that it can be moved on tuesday.

I’m taking a bit of a rest and am thinking about eating something for lunch (yes I know it is nearly 6 but I’ve been too busy and too hot to eat) and then will get back to it. I’m so covered in dust and dreck I make Pigpen from Charlie Brown look clean.


4 responses to “step by slow step”

  1. Lynne says :

    I WISH that we had NEVER though about you moving from Israel.

    • israeliminx says :

      Well ya need me. I just wish we’d gotten you and your critters here before you got so sick 😦

      On a bright note, I’m attempting a new recipe: gefilte fish sushi! Will let ya know how it turns out.

      • tddpirate says :

        When the sushi began to be popular in Israel, I prophesied that it’ll be localized one day.
        I thought that the sushi israelization will start by combining sushi with falafel.
        However it seems that you beat me to it by judaising sushi, Ashkenzi style.

        • israeliminx says :

          Heehee 🙂 It was really good btw and very Ashkenazi — I used the white horseradish slathered in there in place of wasabi. I spread out the rice and then I sliced a fishlet into 3 long slices, slathered them with horseradish, and added in 4 thin slices of red bell pepper (don’t have carrots), then rolled it up, cut the roll into pieces and walla 2-minute insto awesome sushi. Dude, you could sell these things.

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