ADHD preparations

When I got up this morning I felt like I’d been beaten up — every muscle in my body hurt including muscles I’d forgotten I had. I was saved from a cold shower this morning when the rockets blared just as I was getting ready to get in…and discovered as I shut off the water I was about to leap into that I’d used all the hot water with cleaning stuff last night. It turns out the sirens were a false alarm. The south has not been so lucky this morning.

My phone has been ringing off the hook with folks wanting to say goodbye and have a last get-together before I go. I love you people and I’d really love and want to get together but I don’t even have time to chat with you on the phone. G-d that sounds terrible but it is unfortunately true.

Between answering the phone I’ve gotten drips and drabs of this and that done. I’m about to carry down the entertainment center. I was hoping to get it down last night but was too tired and the thought of carrying it down so far today has been a ahhhhhhhh no experience. It isn’t all that big but it is heavy as shit. But it has to go and so, as soon as my break is over, I’m going to heft it down. I can do this.


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