Sometimes procrastination is good (go Israeli stocks!)

So you might remember that like six weeks ago I found out that while I was working at BGU they had been socking money away in a savings/benefits/retirement account on my behalf and that I could now decide what to do with it: a) keep it in there and earning interest but dependent on the stock market b) take some of it out or c) cash it all out. My first inclination was to cash it all out and my second, being a bit on the cautious side, was to say well wait maybe I should keep some in so when I do hit retirement age I have something… Since on other fronts I’ve thrown caution and everything else to the wind and I am going to need it this coming year to pay off the remaining vet bills for the great cat transport, my dental bills, and what’s left of the mega loan I took out for the hopeful but failed ‘maybe a baby’ endeavor, I’ve finally decided on full cash-in. In this case, though, procrastination in my decision has worked in my favour — six weeks ago my retirement package was 33,000 and change, now it is 33,351. The Israeli stock market is doing well. Yeah baby 🙂 So, with the fax I’m sending off in 20 minutes, I’ll have that latest number locked in no matter what the market does tomorrow. It may be that the market will improve and I’ll have ‘lost’ by cashing in now but given that I’ve gained by waiting 6 weeks, I’ve no problem with that.


7 responses to “Sometimes procrastination is good (go Israeli stocks!)”

  1. israeliminx says :

    Entertainment center is down. Now only the last piece of furniture (REALLY big and heavy) is the baker’s rack. I’m hoping the folks who the neighbours have got to move the fridge etc will agree to carry it down tomorrow — as soon as they come home from work I’m going to ask. Otherwise I’ll be trying to dismantle that sucker and take it down myself in pieces.

    I’m washing the last cat bed. Sharon will be coming by in a couple of hours to pick up a huge haul of cat supplies –food, litter, beds, baskets, toys, bowls, meds and medical supplies and the small hard carrier. I’d be doing backflips if this had come my way when I had all my beastlets here as it is near a 1,000 sheks worth of stuff and she already got the delivery of 600 sheks worth of supplies I’d pre-paid for back when I had kitties who could eat hard food with me. This should seriously help with the 36 little critters she’s got now.

    I’m meeting the landlord at 10 tomorrow at the eriyah to change over the arnona and to pay him this last month’s rent in cash.

    • Mac says :

      How long til you exit the country? Sorry if this has been stated, but I’ve been internet deprived for the last couple of months.

  2. Mac says :

    Good deal on the stock rise!
    I seriously wish they would stop letting this loon off of the ranch…

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