My disaster of a day. ARGH.

It started off badly when it took nearly 5 hours to get Nesicha into the carrier to bring in to board at Ronen’s. My plan had been to drop her off, get the carrier for Mischa, the paperwork, run to the pet store to get the bowls, and then to my bank, getting back home in time to get a lot of stuff done before the painter arrives (at 5, so in a few minutes). But Ronen wasn’t there when I got there. He was expected any minute though. However, after waiting for 45 minutes I realized there was no way I could then get to my bank. So bank was off the list. I waited another half hour. I went and got lunch and came back. Finally at 3:30 he arrived and we got the paperwork done. The carrier for Mischa looked like it was going to be way too small. I bought it anyway thinking maybe I can get him in there — eh yeah maybe with a plunger. When I see the vet tomorrow morning at the airport at 10 I am going to have to see if the airlines have something that he can fit in and that can fit under the seat. Why the hell don’t people carry Sherpa bags here?!

By the time the paperwork was done, I didn’t have time to go to the pet store for the bowls and grabbed a cab because I didn’t think I’d make it back here in time with the bus. There was some huge pikkak and balagan with roadworks being done on two major streets and so when I was about 10 blocks from home I told the cab to pull over and that I was hoofing it from there. The ride was already nearly double what it usually is. I pretty much ran and got here 10 minutes before 5. Clearly didn’t get anything done on the apartment so far today. While the painter is painting I’ve got to work like a mad woman on the living room and kitchen — he’s going to have to start in the two bedrooms.


2 responses to “My disaster of a day. ARGH.”

  1. Lynne says :

    I don’t know how you are managing. This day has thrown your schedule off. Sigh. If worse goes to worst, you may have to change your flight. Grrrrrrr Keep us posted….

  2. israeliminx says :

    Ok so something sort of went my way, only it was at a cost of an additional 800 sheks. The painter came and the landlord insisted on coming over to talk with him before he started. His price was between 1800 and 2000 sheks, no more, for a basic paint job on the walls and ceilings. The landlord then started adding in stuff like painting the doors (the doors were not painted when I moved in and looked like shit) and he wanted a more expensive paint. So the landlord tells me, it is going to be 4000 shekels and I said…no way. I’m not paying for the doors, the more expensive paint, or fixing the cracks in the walls that were there when I moved in. The landlord was then like, well he says it will cost 800 sheks more than he estimated because of the difficulty at getting at some of the places in the kitchen and bathroom. I was like fine, I’ll pay 2800 sheks right now and if you want him to use the more expensive paint etc. you can make up the difference. Then he wanted me to clean the apartment before the guy paints and to pay for professional cleaners to come in after he paints and I was like absolutely not.

    The good thing is that the painter is not going to come until next week. We got the electric transferred into their name from today forward and so I can blast the air conditioner (and when I found out that my very scarce use of the air con this month pushed my bi-monthly bill to nearly 600 sheks I was not going to turn it on again).

    I got transportation from my apartment to Ronen’s to pick up poor little Nesicha (who is totally freaking out at the clinic) on Sunday morning arranged.

    I still need to transfer water, and cancel HOT Internet, Orange Cellphone, and whoever the hell I pay for the internet backbone (I think it is bezeq leumi). Am I forgetting anything?

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