It’s only 3 but feels like 6

I got the microwave down before 8 this morning. I’ve walked at least four miles today. Went to the airport and got the kitty papers good to go. Went from there to Tel Aviv on the train, got my bus card fixed when I got off the train and then used it to take a bus to the pet store Ronen told me about. I got a bowl that will hopefully sort of work for Nesicha’s cage. They had a bigger flexible carrier than the one I was bringing back to Ronen but I wasn’t sure if it fit the specification. So I went to Ronen’s clinic, visited with Nesicha for a few minutes (she tried to attack me through the cage, not a happy little cat at all), arranged to get the small hard carrier I gave to Sharon back then thought better of it and checked the web for the specifications for a hard carrier — dude only 19 cm tall? (7.5 inches). There are no hard carriers that are only 19 cm tall. Soft carriers can be 28 cm tall.

I ran to a hardware store and bought a measuring tape. Ran back to the pet store and measured the bigger soft carrier (it is still going to be hell to get Mischa in there as it is like a long, high, tube but only 5 inches wide). I measured it in all directions and it fits the specifications. Bought it. Back to Ronen’s to tell Sharon nevermind, you can keep the carrier.

I walked from there to teh bus stop on Arlozorov going into every grocery on the way looking for our equivalent of liquid plumber. Could not find it but I did finally find one of those things you drop into the tank of the toilet and it makes the water blue (good stain hider). Got off one bus stop sooner than my usual one, went up the hill to my last hope grocery and walla, liquid plumber (drain out here). Someone is coming to view the apartment at 8:30 this evening.

I’ve got to get the toaster oven down and then pretty much everything else that is lingering in the kitchen and start cleaning the cabinets inside and out. Have to call and cancel phone etc as soon as my battery re-charges. My personal batteries need to recharge a bit too.

Update: I’ve got to call and cancel phone, internet etc once I’m in the States. Bezeq Leumi’s cancellation office conveniently closes at 3 on Thursdays and won’t be available until Sunday again –and you can’t cancel for day x in advance, if you cancel they cut you off instantly. Same with the phone and I will need the phone to call Ronen at 5:30 on Sunday to make sure he is awake to get to the clinic and get the psycho kitty in her carrier and in the event that Avi isn’t here on time/forgot/can’t find the address etc. So it will expensive as all get out but I’ll have to listen to musak on international rates to cancel all this crap.


One response to “It’s only 3 but feels like 6”

  1. Lynne says :

    If you have a clog, here is something that works better than Liquid Plumber. Get a couple of boxes of ordinary baking soda and plain white vinegar as cheap as possible. Put the soda down the drain first and then pour in a large amount of vinegar. It will fizz like wild. You may have to repeat. It works great in the toliet or a sink. Give it a try. In the US you can find a gallon size of vinegar and you need about a quart of it each try.
    Take pictures of the apartment when you get it clear and clean. Maybe ask Ronen to come by and check it, too, or ask the landlord to come back over. He sounds like a cheat.

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