another packing and cleaning update

I was up cleaning until about 2:45 last night. I’m going to need to re-clean some of the things I did because the light in my apartment is not great and I can see where I missed spots on the big kitchen window and on the top cabinet fronts.

I think all my stuff is going to fit into the suitcases and my carry-ons. Yeah plural, I’m hoping they will let me claim that one of the heavy-duty cloth shopping bags –the one I got from Noa in Australia 🙂 –is my purse. My real purse will be inside that ‘purse.’ I’m carrying a backpack within a backpack as well.

I’m putting the LLBean backpack that I got in my first year of college and that is still going strong (yeah, this was back when LLBean still had that last forever quality before they partnered with Sears) inside the bigger backpack I bought in the emergency situation when I had to bring baby Batya back from where I rescued her just outside of Ben-Gurion University down in Beer Sheva. Seems kind of fitting since I’m now bringing her to the States on the same planes. In the LLBean bag will be all the things I may want to use on the flights — the tablet, ipod, external drives with audio books and ebooks, my book of Tehillim (Psalms) so I don’t miss my daily reading, current hebrew diary, pen, paper and cat papers. When I get onboard I can then pull that bag out and store the bigger one in the overhead. The bigger one will have my computer, my external backup drives and other tech crud that I’ll need in the next year stuffed into it as well as the cat food packets –I won’t need those until the 20-hour layover.

I set out the outfit I’m wearing on the plane — non-matching running shoes (they are brown and orange but it is either wear them or leave them because they won’t fit in the suitcase if I wear the more squishable ‘nice’ crocs), an ankle-length deep purple skirt, a guffiah (tank top), a long-sleeved plum coloured shirt, and a sage green short sleeved t-shirt over it. Yeah my standard religious girl attire but also very convenient because not a single thing more can fit in the suitcases.

I brought three big bags of food over to my holocaust survivor this morning — she’s now got more cans of chickpeas, tuna, tomato paste, peas, peas and carrots, corn, pickles, olives, pickled hot peppers, and various boxes of teas than she can probably use in three months. I can’t help her out with fresh-grown produce this year but I’ve set her up in canned.

Now I’ve got to get back to the massive amount of cleaning I still need to do. I’ve left my bathing suit out in the hopes that I might be able to go to the beach for the first and last time tomorrow at motze shabbat.


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