Oy va’a voy, guess this is it

As soon as I post this I will be putting the cats in their carriers, the computer in the backpack, doing the final mop, and putting on my travel clothes over my sweaty body. I should have bought 2 of the drain outs. I used the entire bottle, tried the homeopathic remedy–and it drains but it takes about 2 hours to drain for a really little amount of water.

Wow my neighbour just came by with one of the twins to say a final goodbye and I got her to help me get the cats in their carriers. The guy should be here in 15 min so I need to change, and do the final mop. Will check back in when I am in…Newark.


9 responses to “Oy va’a voy, guess this is it”

  1. Lynne says :

    You did it! You are amazing! Travel safely and try to get some rest!

  2. Mike says :

    safe travels

  3. erin says :

    Safe travels! If you are ever in Virginia or DC, let me know..I would love to meet you in person!!

  4. Tiger Mike says :


    • Erin says :

      How are you doing TigerMike? Settling in okay?

    • Lynne says :

      Tiger Mike, I hope that you are your family are settling in and are comfortable. It will be quite a change, I am sure.
      I hope that Yaeli can get the animals settled here in a shelter, and that she can return to live in Israel at least a good portion of the year —all within 9 months. That’s my goal really.

  5. Mac says :

    Ahhhh Newark airport…. spent 8 hrs there once due to bad weather…. Happy landings!

  6. SirJohn says :

    Have a safe trip!

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