boker tov from New Joysey

El Al is all ya need. For flying with animals, I can’t recommend El Al more highly. At the check-in counter my bags got checked and then my check-in girl accompanied me around the corner to get the cats set up (you pay for them and they are collected just a few feet away). I was able to stay with them until 20 minutes before the flight. When I booked the flight, El Al had put me at the very front of the plane in a seat that had extra leg space to accommodate the cat and so that my “petsy” would have the least traumatic entrance and quickest exit. All the airport and security folks were gaga over my “petsy” as carry-on kitties are called.

The flight was great (highly rec. El Al food as well — it tasted restaurant quality and they just kept feeding us).

Going through passport control was a nightmare at Kennedy. At the baggage claim an El Al representative paged me and took me to my two cargo kitties that they had waiting just beyond the baggage carousel. Nesicha unfortunately had had diarrhea in her carrier (peeuw). I had to rent a baggage cart and my stuff very much did not all fit on it. While going through the long and extremely winding lines of passport and customs controls, first the backpack with the computer fell off the cart, then the brown suitcase fell off, and then horror of horrors, Nescha, perched at the very top of the heap fell off and her carrier landed upside down. I was so afraid she was hurt but she seems ok, over than now being fully covered in the diarrhea. A really nice indian woman stepped in then and helped me, pulling my brown suitcase and helping me to stabilize the animals on the cart. She helped me all the way out to the taxi line. There is a place in heaven for her.

On the drive to the hotel near the Newark airport we went down 9th street in Manhattan and right past my old apartment. I couldn’t believe how nice that area has become –restaurants and shops and very clean. When I lived there that part of Hell’s Kitchen was pretty derelict and the local homeless folks and wino’s used to get in and sleep in our building’s staircase.

The poor cats have stayed trapped in their bags all night. I didn’t dare open the carriers to clean them or give them food and water because the room has too many places that if they escaped they could hide and I’d never get them back in, especially Nesicha who needs to be cleaned up the most. They’ve cried all night. In about 2 hours I’ll be heading for the airport again. I’m hoping that the fact you can smell Nesicha a mile away is not going to be an issue. Will check back in once in Austin and the little cats are all settled.


7 responses to “boker tov from New Joysey”

  1. Tiger Mike says :

    It’s easer to go through passport control in Communist China than Newark. I have to come back to the States next week. I dread the passport control. And the so called security.

  2. chairwoman says :

    When I read ‘Boker tov fromNew Joysey’, my eyes filled with tears,even though I myself am suffering with NYC withdrawal symptons, it’s getting on for 10 years since was able to visit.

    Anyhoo, may things go your way, and you and your mum be in a position to go home to Israel together.

    Now, Minxie, don’t vanish from cyber space,continue to regale us with tales of Israeli kitties out west.

    • XsouthAfricanGal says :

      Chairwoman still waiting for your thoughts about extreme Islamism in the UK like you promised 🙂

      • chairwoman says :

        Sorry XsouthAfricanGal, moving house imminently, just 4 of us, one dog, one cat, one squirrel, but the day runs away from me despite the 5am starts. Will get there asap,

  3. Lynne says :

    Love to all, a quick note just to say that all have arrived safely, kitties are all settled, the kitties here think I”ve turned into an alien from outer space, and will write more tomorrow 🙂

    • dumbledoresarmy says :

      That’s good to hear. Blessings.

    • erin says :

      Glad to hear it. I am sure you are exhausted. I am even more sure Nesicha is happy to be poop-free, lol. I definitely plan on flying El Al when I come in the summer. I know it is expensive, but I gotta say-a responsible crew with army training, mega tight security, and having the planes outfitted with an anti-missile system goes a long way in my book when I am flying over some of those countries….add good food and that seals the deal.

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