Getting sorta settled, homesick as hell

I’ve been very busy and very jet-lagged since arrival. I’ve got the cats mostly settled. Mischa has been to the vet and has an appointment to see a cardiologist to find out what is up with his heart murmur and to see if he can possibly have his infected teeth removed (the heart murmur may indicate heart disease that would preclude his going under anesthesia) –some of them have the roots exposed and it is just very painful for him. He also has the first indications of kidney disease and, while it isn’t necessary to treat it now, it is something to watch. Nesicha is in a large cage in the room I’m sleeping in and both Mischa and Batya are on the loose in that room. As soon as I get Mischa sorted, Batya will have to go in to have her teeth removed.

I’m going to be signing up for some web development courses and that is exciting.

I’ve a ton to do to get my Ema’s yard in order. It is so humid here it just makes your eyes pop. At home it is hot, yes, and we complain about the humidity but dude with temps daily right at and over 100 F (nearly 38 C) and humidity so high you feel you are swimming through the air rather than walking, it makes August in Bnei Brak seem downright cool.

I’m trying a new diet where you basically cut out all carbs (the amount of carbs you can have is tiny, like a quarter of a bagele is your carb serving) because, as my Ema pointed out in the nicest way possible, I look like shit with the weight I’ve gained in the last year and a half to two years. The good thing about the diet is I have a lot more energy already — I’m not having such severe crashes after eating. I am having jetlag crash out.

Sitting at a cafe at the moment getting some work stuff done and blogging — we haven’t figured out how to get my computer connected to the wifi yet –password o password what the heck are ye. I did manage to fix my Ema’s tv/dvd/netflix –the poor woman hasn’t been able to use any of them since last February when the Israeli cats went on a rampage through her entertainment center and unplugged things and changed settings via the remotes sitting about.

I’ll blog more about politics and so forth tomorrow. I haven’t had the heart since discovering that Steven Sotloff was one of my students. It just never occurred to me that the Steve held by those murderous bastards was ‘my’ Steve, one of my kids. When I realized that, I nearly went to ground.


4 responses to “Getting sorta settled, homesick as hell”

  1. Tiger Mike says :

    I’m eating your carbs right now. I’m in the Dan Lounge at Ben Gurian airport, eating cookies and waiting for my flight to Newark, which I found out was delayed five hours when I got to the airport.

    I’ve been walking around J Town thinking its hot. But it’s not Texas hot.

    I am so sorry that we couldn’t get together before you left. I think it was a tough time for both of us. But when you return (and you ARE going to return) you’ll come up to Jerusalem and spend some time with my wife, Tigress Ellen, and myself.

    Shavoah Tov.

  2. Erin says :

    Good to hear from you..very sad to hear that you are experiencing this whole ISIS nightmare on a whole other personal level. I totally hear you about the weather. We barely hit 90 degrees all summer here in Virginia which is rare, but of course the first week back at school and we are breaking records at 101. Bus duty in that temp with ridiculous humidity makes me grouchy.I had to giggle about the cats and your mom’s cable/netflix/dvd debacle. Those cats were probably like “HA! Take that for putting me on a plane and then driving me across the country in the back of the uhaul!” Vlad would TOTALLY do that. As for the low carb diet, I am on something similar. Very high protein-between 25-30 grams per meal 3-4 times a day, carbs should be less than or equal to that in grams and 50% of my lunches and dinners should be veggies (not corn or potatoes, but the good green stuff). Originally there was no carbs before noon, but I had no energy, so they let me tweek that. I am also taking metformin and topirimate to elevated A1C levels and to curb my appetite. So far, so good. Seeing as I have not exercised on iota, quite happy with the weight loss so far. Now to persevere on this diet despite all the temptations at work….

  3. israeliminx says :

    Tiger — I was definitely sad not to be able to coordinate getting together but things were crazy on my end and I know you guys were pretty swamped with getting settled in –probably still swamped, it takes a bit! I definitely will be back home, and hopefully next summer.

    Erin –wow so encouraging to hear that your diet is going great and especially without the exercise — I have turned into a slug here already as everyplace is too far to walk unless you are just walking for walking’s sake to nowhere in particular and it is too darn hot for that! I bet you are pretty crazed with the start of the school year! Give a scritch between the ears to Vlad for me!

  4. dumbledoresarmy says :

    That *must* have been a shock, realizing that poor Steve Sotloff was one of your pupils. I cannot think of anything to say except this: that just before Sol Hachuel was similarly ritually murdered by allahu-akbaring Muslims in Morocco in the early 19th century, she defiantly chanted the Sh’ma Yisroel. So far as I know, Steve was denied even that, although…perhaps it was running through his mind, not spoken aloud but remembered nonetheless, as he endured his final moments before they started in on him with the knife. So: perhaps you could say it “with intent”, on his behalf. And think of him, and of his grieving parents, as you light the sabbath candles.

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