Next year in Jerusalem…

We got the wifi fixed at home but my laptop has a major trojan on it and I’ve not been able to clean it. I really hate windows 8 and get the ‘can’t update to 8.1’ error off the Microsoft website, meaning I can’t use any of the microsoft crappy security software and all of my antivirus and antimalware software has been compromised.

My Ema’s credit card was also compromised. We went to Home Depot last week to pick up some stuff for the garden –only time she has been there in a year — and two days later her bank called to tell her that there had been a major hack at H.D., the hackers have her credit card info (and g-d knows what else with it) and that they are sending her a new credit card because they canceled her current one.

I have good news on the cat front and a bit of mixed news. Batya does not need to have all her teeth out because the infection is all in the roof and back of her throat. She got a steroid shot and a new 14-day antibiotic injection. In Israel we only have antibiotic injections that last for 2-3 days and they are hellishly expensive, this 14-day shot cost about the same as the 2-3 day version. She’s going to have to be on monthly steroids shots to control the stomatisis infection –expensive but less expensive than the nearly $2000 it would cost to remove her teeth and still not fix the problem.

The news on Mischa is all-around good (well not on the expense front but in all other ways). He had a heart specialist do a full cardio workup on him yesterday and the $400 it cost was well worth it. He does not have a heart murmur or heart disease. At the vet, he always shows up as having a heart murmur, from the time he was a kitten. He doesn’t. He doesn’t have any heart disease at all. The arrhythmia the vets hear is just because he gets so stressed out at the vet. This means he can have his problem teeth out and the rest cleaned –and he desperately needs some of his teeth removed as the roots are actually exposed on some of them and incredibly painful. He also does not have a thyroid problem or hypertension and the heart specialist said he is in better shape at nearly 16 as the majority of cats he’s seen that were much younger. I was quite pleased when he said that I obviously take excellent care of him. So now I’ve got to schedule the teeth extraction and I think he will be a new cat once that horribly painful problem is fixed.

(It is totally like vet hospital here and I’ll do a post on 3 of my Ema’s rescues and their current medical travails).

News on gardening in exile: The micro-greens I planted in a container last week are up and thriving and should be on the table around Oct 5th. Yesterday afternoon I started 5 Buttercrunch lettuces, 8 arugula, 8 mustard greens and 4 kale seeds in plastic cups BUT no sooner did I get them set up on a little outside planter stand than the blue skies turned to grey and wind started blowing hard enough to knock two off. Four more committed suicide as we tried to get them off the plant stand and onto a tray to carry to the protected area of the front porch. The garden is going to be critical as I can’t believe how much food –specifically fruit and vegetables – costs in the U.S.

No wonder there is an obesity epidemic here because who the hell can afford more than a dollar for single bell pepper (not even organic) and I won’t even go there on the cost of tomatoes (that almost all seem to come from Mexico where they use pesticides that are banned in Israel and nearly everywhere else) or from Canada. At five different grocery stores we’ve found only 1 that carries tomatoes from the U.S. –and they are ‘organic’ ones that look like and taste like crap and are nearly $7 a lb. Garden.


8 responses to “Compromised”

  1. Tiger Mike says :

    I made friends with a couple of Hatulim here in Jerusalem. (sorry, I can’t type in hebrew. Sorry for the bad transliteration) One looks like a Maine Coon Cat but with a white stripe that goes across his/her back from side to side. I call her/him White Stripe. White stripe is the most friendliest cat I have ever met!!!! he/she lives on the same block as the president. White stripe has a clipped ear, too.

    • israeliminx says :

      White Stripe sounds adorable! So good to hear that he/she has been spayed or neutered (clipped ear)! Who is the other little one?

      I hope you guys are getting settled in and starting to feel at home!! Did you get everything sorted with the Misrad HaKlita? Have you chosen a health care plan yet (I loved Maccabi but know a lot of folks in J town who have Clalit — make sure you add the ‘gold’ option –it is only about 30 sheks a month but seriously worth it).

      • Tiger Mike says :

        I’ve been writing little articles about my experiences here and just emailing them to friends. I just wrote one about my Ulpan experience. I sent I to you and I hope you enjoy it.

        All the absorption stuff seems to have worked out. Healthcare wise, we signed up with mehudedit. No other reason than that’s the one I could remember at the airport. But we haven’t used any medical services yet.

        The first week we were here, my wife bought a little ceramic cat that looked like one of our old cats from Tennessee. She put it on a shelf. I move it to a different location every morning to see if she notices.

        • Larry007 says :

          I was on Meuhedet about 7 years and didn’t like it. Moved to Maccabi and I’m very happy with them. They have modern clinics and lots of extra stuff on their extended policy.

  2. Erin says :

    Glad to see your post. I check your page everyday for news:) Glad the cats are doing well and that treatments are available for all their ailments. Not cool about the credit card hacking or the computer virus. Interesting about the expense of food. From your blogs I was under the impression that it was much more expensive there to buy stuff. I agree with you on tomatoes. If they aren’t home grown, they do taste like complete crap. Hope you have a good rest of the week!!

  3. dumbledoresarmy says :

    Whether in Israel or in the USA, tikkun olam…one garden patch at a time.

    Here in my part of Australia it’s been very, very dry so my poor lemon tree though it set a lot of fruit, we didn’t get much as the fruit was small and hard. And my big patch of native aussie raspberries didn’t bear this year, either …too dry (they are a “rainforest edge” species). I haven’t got the hang of how much and how often to irrigate (I do have a rainwater tank that holds 7500 litres when full).

  4. Tiger Mike says :

    Crembo is back! (Now can I convince my wife that an Eriv Shabbat dinner of nothing but Crembo is perfectly acceptable in Israel?). (I think it’s in the Torah. Somewhere in the back)

    • israeliminx says :

      Tiger Mike — AAAAAAAAAHHHH Crembo!!!! Totally Crembo is an acceptable meal, snack, whenever thing!!! Now, in December look for the limited release of the crembo flavoured ice cream! Oh man, Crembo.

      I love the story of moving the little cat statue around!

      Erin — well honestly it is kind of a toss-up if you consider all financial aspects –people make more money here (if they have a job, that is) than in Israel so while the food costs more you make more to pay for it but it still seems a raw deal to pay so much more and get so much less and have it taste like crud in the bargain (fruits and veggies in Israel actually have a taste to them unlike the tings that pass for veggies here).

      Dumbledore’s Army — ah I’m jealous of your raspberry patch! It might not just be the water, they might be on one of their fallow years — I know that a lot of kinds of fruit and nut trees have cycles where they have a good bearing year and then the next year, two, three (depending on the kind of fruit or nut) etc give small yields before another heavy fruiting year.

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