computer malware, sick cats, garden, return planning

Next year in Jerusalem…or maybe Arad…

I can’t get rid of the damn malware/trojan/whatever on my laptop. I know I’ve got the win32:adware-gen crap infecting it but I’ve also got something else that keeps setting my browsers (all 3) to a lan proxy 127.0.0…setting. Hitman pro detects the proxy setting and removes it…until the next reboot and then it is back. Avast, TDSSKILLER, Malwarebytes and Malwarebytes Cameleon have so far not managed to find and remove the adware that hijacks my browsers. I’m nearly out of my tree over it. Thank goodness for the tablet but I need the laptop desperately.

We made an appointment to take Minette to the vet this afternoon (she has suddenly started using the bathroom EVERYWHERE) but poor old Smokey is acting even more worrisome and so he will take her appointment and she will go to the vet on Monday.

The micro-greens are growing much faster than expected and 4 buttercrunch lettuce and 8 arugula seeds have sprouted way before the package suggested (2 days and not 5-10). Because of hurricane Odile we are getting lots of rain and so I haven’t been able to get out to pull the old stuff and prepare the raised garden bed, nor make the hoops to set up the anti-cat invasion system that can double as a tunnel greenhouse for the rare frosts here in winter.

I’m looking at the idea of moving to Arad. It seems to be the most affordable city I’ve found so far and the best situated for setting up a cat sanctuary that I’ve found. I’m not opposed to going over the ‘green line’ so if anyone has info on places in Judea and Samaria going for under 150k U.S. that include a garden/land where I can set up the animal sanctuary, please do tell 🙂


3 responses to “computer malware, sick cats, garden, return planning”

  1. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Hello Yael,

    I did a quick google search using the keywords “remove win32:adware-gen adware”. I found the following link that might be useful:
    “Learn How To Get Rid of win32:adware-gen [adw] Easily, Remove win32:adware-gen [adw] Virus Unambiguously – Tee Support Blog” at
    This link guides you to manually delete what relates to this win32:adware-gen adware. That is probably the best method.
    —For step 1, to access the task manager, do Ctrl+Shift+Esc where + means holding the pressed key.
    Or in Windows 7, you go to Start and enter task manager and you should get a proper link to it.
    —For step 3, go to Start and press registry and you should have a link. Or type in Start regedit.exe.
    I hope these steps for this link if you follow them will work for you. It seems nasty. Backup your important files first and try these steps shown in the link above.

    Avoid following links where instructions ask you to download a particular software to get rid of this win32:adware-gen crap. As you might get more viruses by doing so!

  2. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    After you have deleted the files listed in the steps for the link I gave you, go to the Recycle bin and delete again these files but this time in the Recycle bin. I hope these instructions will work for you if you try them.

  3. dumbledoresarmy says :

    So good to hear you’ve had rain in that part of the US and that the garden is growing. Do you grow catnip for the cats? (And I think there are other things that can be specifically grown for them as well).

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