Prowler– that didn’t take long

Next year in Jerusalem…

Ahh the good ole U.S.A., home to criminals at every turn. This morning my Ema and I went out into the fenced and gated back garden to look at potential spots for a place to put a much bigger enclosed habitat for Nesicha (she’s currently in a tiny little cage of a size that is suitable for staying in for about a month’s duration but definitely not long-term). We were at the side of the house when Lynne asked, “Hey, did you move that chair?”

I looked around, having no idea what she was talking about and then saw one of the metal garden chairs sitting right up close to the fence, in the currently flowerless flower bed. “Nooooo.” The chair, last night, had been sitting where it always sits at the garden cafe table with it’s twin on the patio. It was now a good five feet away and, as I said, in the barren flowerbed. She didn’t put it there, I didn’t, and none of the patio kitties are capable of such a feat. Someone was in our back garden last night and using that chair to either stare over the fence into the windows of the house next door or into our windows (the house is raised) or the windows in our garage (they are also high up). So nice to know that someone was creeping about in our back yard.

This discovery was a rather unpleasant follow-on to the bombshell my Ema dropped on me last night about the fate of the little girl I used to play with and then, when I turned 12, rather awkwardly morphed into her babysitter (she was 2 years younger). I found out that a couple of years ago she was murdered by her boyfriend and her body stuffed into a closet and not discovered for more than a month when neighbours complained about a foul odor…


5 responses to “Prowler– that didn’t take long”

  1. Tiger Mike says :

    Two words. Smith and Wesson.

  2. Chairwoman Ros says :

    Off to the local kill shelter for you. Look for a loving GSD or Belgian Malinois girlie. Not for protection, per se, but for loving warnings. Then, if I weren’t British, I might very well take the Tiger’s advice.

  3. dumbledoresarmy says :

    With all the cats, I daresay you can’t get a dog? A nice, big dog? Or even just a very small but feisty and yappy one with sharp teeth, the kind that grabs the crook’s ankle or big toe and just won’t let go? Even little dachshunds can be very protective; here in Australia a dachshund saved her owner from being raped (the woman was attacked whilst walking said little dog along a path through a park)…the dog simply waited till the attacker was down on the ground where she could strike easily, and then sank her needle-sharp teeth into his butt…at which point lust and desire-to-dominate evaporated like a puff of smoke and the bad guy leapt to his feet screaming and ran away as fast as he could. I hope the bite got infected…

  4. dumbledoresarmy says :

    PS – Happy Jewish New Year!

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