Obama administration condemns Israel for building apartments for…Arabs

The Obama administration clearly has its priorities straight. After meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu about the major threats facing the world from ISIS terrorists and a recalcitrant nuclear-bomb hungry Iran, the Obama administration held a press conference strongly condemning Israel for building apartments in Jerusalem –not in East Jerusalem, mind you — and that the bulk of which will be owned and lived in by Arab-Israelis. Not that Israel has any sort of rules about who can live or buy where –Jewish and Arab citizens alike can buy property in Israel whether it be in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem or anywhere else: Arab-Israelis can move into predominantly Jewish neighbourhoods, Jews can move into predominantly Arab neighbourthoods. As in America, we don’t have any sort of religious litmus test, nor any skin colour test about who can buy and live where.

So with the incredible threats of Isis in Syria right on Israel’s border, threatening Jordan, threatening Turkey, and taking over vast swaths of Syria and Iraq, with Iran pulling all sort of shenanigans and funding and training terrorists with abandon, the U.S. decides the most important thing on the agenda is to hold a press conference decrying the building of apartments that, oh my G-d, a Jew might purchase.

Netanyahu responded “if you said to me that in some city in the United States or in Mexico, or anywhere else, Jews cannot buy apartments, there would be an uproar.”

“You know, there’s not only the freedom of property, but the right of every individual to live where they want, as long as they purchase the apartment legally and don’t expropriate, don’t take over, which isn’t the case here,” added Netanyahu. “So I just want to understand this policy. It flies in the face of American values, and it flies in the face of common sense.”

Speaking to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Wednesday night, Netanyahu added that the criticism on the construction plans was particularly off the mark given that a “substantial part were for Arabs.” He also termed the criticism of the Shiloah purchase “baffling.”

Baffling, no. The Obama administration has been all about turning a blind eye to terrorists and focusing on anti-Israel –specifically on anti-Jewish segments of Israel — policies since day One back in 2008 of this so-far 6 year nightmare of regime. Yes, the Obama administration knows exactly what it is doing and have their own priorities straight — unfortunately, their priorities are to the detriment of not only their supposed ally, Israel, but to the rest of the world, and to America itself.


3 responses to “Obama administration condemns Israel for building apartments for…Arabs”

  1. Mac says :

    Maybe he’s just too distracted from all the dodging of fence-jumpers that are on the first floor of the WH……

  2. Mike says :

    Well, somebody painted a swastika on our synagogue here in town over the holidays. And our synagogue leadership is doing… not much as far as I can tell. Off topic I suppose. I hope everybody is having a good start to the new year.

  3. dumbledoresarmy says :

    As far as I am concerned – and I am a non-Jewish Aussie (of immigrant not Aboriginal ancestry) – eretz Israel is Traditional Jewish Land, and Jerusalem is Traditional Jewish Land, and Jewish Traditional Owners have every right to live wherever they like – and to exercise self-determination and sovereignty – in *their* country, which is full of *their* ancient Sacred Sites and the burial places of their ancestors. I fail to see why so many people are unable to grasp this simple fact. Jerusalem was Jewish – was Hebrew, was Israelite – long before it was forcibly and superficially arabised and Islamised (or, for that matter, before that, romanized) by violent armed invasions (which invasions did not succeed in ending Jewish attachment to the Land, nor even in entirely removing the Jewish presence). And anyone who wants to try to say “but David took Jerusalem from the Jebusites” has to get their head around the fact that if they want to be consistent, they had better start deploring the arrival of Angles and Saxons in England…which took place more than a millennium *later* than David’s taking of Jerusalem. If Jews don’t have any rights in Jerusalem because of the Jebusites, then neither do descendants of Angles and Saxons – let alone descendants of Normans! – have any right to live in Britain! Those who regard “Judaising” of Jerusalem as some sort of heinous crime against the Way Things Ought To Be, should also start yowling about the Englishing of London or the “Irishing” of Tara and Dublin, or the Tibetanising of Lhasa, or the Welshing of Cardiff or the Scottishing of Dun Eidin. Or perhaps they should argue that Australian Aboriginals have no right to live in Australia, and that Navajo ought not to buy land and build houses in New Mexico nor Seminoles in Florida? At least then they’d be consistent…

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