Baby girl murdered in terrorist attack in Jerusalem following Abbas’ call for Jews to be harmed

A few days ago, Mahmoud Abbas called for Jews to be harmed in Jerusalem. Tonight a Hamas terrorist with a long criminal and terrorist record obliged. He drove his car into a large crowd of people waiting for the light rail train in Jerusalem. Eight people were injured and a three-month old baby girl named Chaya, which means “life,” lost hers. My heart is just breaking for her parents who had tried for years to have a child and finally this precious little girl was born to them. Now, to have her murdered before their very eyes, I cannot even begin to imagine what they are going through.

The terrorist was killed by police as he attempted to flee the scene. Abbas should be held up on accomplice to murder charges, incitement to murder charges. He is a terrorist and should be treated as one.


16 responses to “Baby girl murdered in terrorist attack in Jerusalem following Abbas’ call for Jews to be harmed”

  1. Lynne says :

    So heartbreaking that are not words to express it. Also, no words to express my contempt for those across the world who support Abbas. At one time, I believed in Abbas, believed him to be a good man, and tried against evidence to the contrary to keep on believing. His actions show otherwise. He has a little grand-daughter; I wonder if he feels any remorse for his call to harm Jews. Does he feel any compassion for innocent people killed in this senseless conflict? He has taken no steps toward peace.

  2. Tiger Mike says :

    There have been a hell of a lot of terrorist attacks in Jerusalem over the last couple of months. The Arabs keep rioting and throwing fire bombs. The police seem to be doing very little. I’m just surprised there arent more dead children.

  3. Mike says :

    May Chaya’s memory always be recalled for a blessing. I don’t know what else to say.

  4. Mike says :

    May Chaya’s memory always be recalled for a blessing. I don’t know what else to say. (Sorry for the typo on the e-mail address, Yael.)

  5. SirJohn says :

    Got to agree with Tiger Mike. There is a lot of activity on behalf of the “religion of peace.” Even in quaint and boring places like Ottawa. As to Abbas,I will quote Cicero: “How much longer do you want to mock us…” .

  6. Tiger Mike says :

    I was just walking along Emek Refiam Street in J Town. It was the first time I have ever seen Border Police patrolling there. (The border Police are a kind of Paramilitary Police. not quite Army. Not quite police. Normally they are in the Territories or at border crossings). There have been a number of helicopters flying over eastern Jerusalem, too. (I can here one as I am writing this)

    So, the way things go around here, we will have beefed up security for a few days. Then it will go back to normal. Normal meaning riots, arson, rock throwing at cars, fireworks being shot into Jewish homes, the occasional rifle shots, etc.

    People are afraid to defend themselves. Even though those who are permitted to own firearms are afraid that if they use the to defend themselves, they will be the ones who go to jail. (Very different from Tennessee. Or Texas for that matter). A couple of weeks ago, a man who was being hit in the head with a board with nails in it, didn’t use the pistol he was carrying out of fear of what the government would do to him if he shot an Arab who was trying to kill him.

    If a Arab rioter gets hurt, the UN, the EU, the media will all scream bloody murder. But if a Jewish Baby is killed, and a PA official calls its murder a “Hero” no one outside of Israel gives a crap. And even some “Jews” inside of Israel will find a way to justify it.

    • israeliminx says :

      Tiger, unfortunately you so are right in your assessment. I really like Barkat (mayor of Jerusalem) and he had to go over people’s heads and straight to Bibi to try to get the police to act like police. A huge part of it is that the police are afraid to go into E. Jerusalem Arab-majority neighbourhoods..

      The response world-wide is pretty obscene.

      Sir John — do you think the 2 Canadian terrorists were part of a cell –it seems they knew each other through online jihadi forums –or do you think they were acting as lone wolves?

      Mike — from your lips to g-d’s ears. .

      • Tiger Mike says :

        Living just made a statement which boils down to “its all our fault.” Oh she gave the usual platitudes of how her heart breaks for the parents of the girl. But basically she was saying its Israel’s fault.

        The Israeli press is publishing a picture of the three month old girl who was killed that was taken a couple of hours before. It’s a picture of her at the Kotel.

        As I type this, there is an Ecuadorean girl who is in critical condition. She was in Jerusalem to attend a Girls Semenary. Her parents are being flown in from Ecuador right now.

        What a Hero that terrorist driver was. How brave to kill a three month old and injure a girl seminarian. He really helped the cause of Palistinian Nationalism! (At least that’s what Fatah is saying.)

        (I hope he didn’t die too quickly when the cop shot him)

      • SirJohn says :

        Very hard to say. Right now all points to a “lone wolf.” Just like in New York on the same day. But I would not be surprised if some day some kind of network will be discovered. Otherwise I agree with TM in his assessment of what the near future might look like.

  7. dumbledoresarmy says :

    This is just awful. I am so sad for the parents and will pray like anything…I will pray that, once their time of mourning is over, the Holy One,.who is Lord and Giver of Life. will do miracles and bless them with *more* children. Not to replace the one they’ve lost – nothing could do that – but to affirm the victory of life over death. I am so angry about the way this has been reported outside of Israel – eg in Australia’s ABC – and I am totally disgusted (but unsurprised) by “Palestinian” Arab Muslim celebration of the Muslim murder of a Jewish baby. I will be writing a letter of condolence to the Israeli ambassador in Australia; and I am going to write to our Prime Minister and *demand* that any and all ‘aid’ that Australia pays to the “Palestinian” Arab Muslims should cease: NOW. I do not want even one red cent going to people who incite to and exult over the murder of Jews. .

  8. Tiger Mike says :

    The Ecuadorean girl died this morning. And the Arabs are rioting because their guy got shot by a cop.

    I think if there was one instance of moral clarity from the Arab side, I’d drop dead in surprise.

  9. tddpirate says :

    [OFFTOPIC] Hi Yaeli, more than two weeks passed since your last posting to this blog.
    What have you been up to since then?

  10. miki says :

    Yaeli, please write a new entry. I miss you and I’m sure other people do too!

  11. Chairwoman Ros says :

    I also wonder what’s new with you, Yaeli. Keep us posted x

  12. Erin says :

    Me three!!! No posts and no new tweets….hope you and your Ema are ok!!!!

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