Hearing about the terror attack in Jerusalem every fiber of my being is wishing I was home. I’m so pissed off about the way the story has been covered by CNN and CBS that I could seriously spit — one of the CNN anchors actually said that maybe the “Palestinians are right and Israeli civilians should be considered legitimate targets.” Oh and the corrupt U.S. State Department is going to bat for CAIR and condemning the United Arab Emirates declaring CAIR a terrorist organization — hello, CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terror funding trail ever held in the U.S. and numerous CAIR officials are serving jail time for terror activities. Ok, I’m going to stop writing about this for a bit because it just makes me want to scream.

Yesterday I went to get registered to do the Web developer certificate program. Tomorrow I’ll be registering for the classes that start in the spring. I’m hoping this will all be good additions to my skills set.

Batya went to the vet today for her steroid shot. Removing her teeth is not an issue as she has the kind of stomatitis that attacks the back of the throat, the inside of her cheeks and her soft palette. It makes the poor little Great White Whale a very uncomfortable and unhappy camper. By tomorrow she should be feeling better, I hope.

It is frigid here. We’ve had to do a lot to keep the kitties that are in the garage, the outside enclosure, and the 3 yard ferals warm enough. Brrrrrr.


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  1. SirJohn says :

    I’ll scream with you.

    I have long ago quit watching CNN, the most biased TV network this side of Al Jihad TV. When it comes to Israel, I usually only rely on the Jerusalem Post.

    To the attacks in Jerusalem: ’nuff said. I scream.

  2. Mike says :

    I’m surprised the Palestinians didn’t call for a “day of rage,” after the police killed the two terrorists.

    I think my vote for worst media coverage would go to the BBC in its interview with Neftali Bennett. We can debate the ethics in showing bloody pictures of terrorist attacks, but for the BBC anchor to tell Bennett that “we don’t want to see those pictures,” is pure hypocrisy.

    The BBC, and other news organizations, spent the summer showing us bloody pictures of dead Palestinians. But now that it’s Jews hacked to death by Palestinians, the Beeb suddenly has ethics and weak stomach. The BBC can just f@#$k off.

  3. Tiger Mike says :

    Did you get the thing I wrote?

  4. Tiger Mike says :

    Zidan Seif, Hero of Jerusalem!

  5. israeliminx says :

    Mike thank you for giving that link!!

    Sir John, I couldn’t agree more!

  6. Ethan (@EitanDC) says :

    Yael, I haven’t posted in a while but I just wanted to say “hi”. I just got back from a weekend trip to Jerusalem (first time in Israel) and loved it. Though it was very quiet in the Old City. It seems the reporting of the attacks is keeping tourists away.

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