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There’s a lot going on but nothing spectacular to blog about. My days are so filled that I can’t imagine how I managed everything when I was working. Of course now I’ve got like 5 million projects going on and am frustrated that I haven’t really finished any of them –silly, in many respects as many of these are not short term things that you can knock out in a day. In fact, it is all the stuff that has to get knocked out in a day that is making these longer term projects eh a lot longer term. So some of the stuff:

I’ve registered for three courses for the spring, one of which is not useful but that they require (beginning computing) to take the others: Web design tools and Web programming. I’m also trying to do 3 courses currently that are free online — the app course, a computer networking course, and an intermediate level of java programming — trying because things just get in the way of actually sitting down and being able to concentrate on this stuff. In the meantime I’m trying to get better at CSS especially because I’m working on creating the DARA website and really need it.

As far as DARA, we’ve gotten folks to be on the board of directors but now just need (my serious nemesis) to do the paper work to file for non-profit status. That went on the back burner to deal with the tax crisis caused by the accounting firm I hired to do my taxes not filing on time (remember all the running around I did last year –as in ALL last year, starting in Oct. of 2013) despite my getting everything to them, sometimes several times over, as soon as they asked for it and then when they said they couldn’t find what I had faxed them sent it again and so forth. Now I’m dealing with the IRS saying I’ve got to pay a late fee and running about to get the info so that I don’t have to pay the late fee and argh.

The front garden should be finished and ready to plant in by the end of today. I’m trying to get a sweater knitted for my niece by the time they visit here in about 4 weeks.

Well that is a bit of what is up. I’m missing home so much that it is just a constant ache.


2 responses to “this and that”

  1. Tiger Mike says :

    I must have missed something. What’s a DARA?

  2. israeliminx says :

    Hi Tiger, DARA stands for Dustie’s Animal Rescue and Adoption (Sanctuary). I’m trying to get it set up so that we can create a sanctuary in the U.S and a sister sanctuary in Israel. 🙂

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