A little garden update

A lot has been going on and I’ll try to get some updates in on what all has been and is going on. Here’s just a little post about Ema’s garden that I’ve pretty much taken on and taken over.
Back in November we got this bad boy put together:
IMG_0621 Yes that is a tumbling composter — put it in and spin! Best of all, after the city rebate, it only cost $25. We’ve got both cylanders going now with the first compartment in hopefully creating good compost mode and the second compartment being used to add in the new compostable stuff.

Here’s a picture of the garden when I was still in spiderville hell. I had just started to “double-dig” and just looking at it, you’d never guess that there were spiders the size of salad plates lurking below the surface.IMG_0622

And here it is about a month ago, dug and planted:IMG_0652

We had three days of hard freeze and freezing rain and, even though we covered it, a lot of the stuff that had come up died. We have had one lettuce out of it and will have another lettuce from the garden for a salad tonight.

The cilantro, leaf celery, green onions, thyme and some sort of Mexican herb are all growing well, as well as one (only 1!) of the Kales that I started in fall. I’ve got 22 new Buttercrunch lettuces (similar to a Bibb lettuce) started, and seven tomato plants started in containers — only one has sprouted but it is only 7 days since I started them. I know, I’m impatient. I need to replant nearly everything but the beets — even the radishes! –because of the freeze we had.

More updates to come: Sick cats — one we nearly lost but is finally out of the woods –school updates, D.A.R.A. updates and other stuff.


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  1. dumbledoresarmy says :

    Lookin’ good.

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