An absolutely gorgeous day

Although rain had been predicted for today, it has been beautifully sunny and unseasonably (that is to say in a lovely way) warm. 18 of the 22 lettuce seeds have sprouted in this great weather, along with 7 of the 8 tomato seeds. All of the lettuce is a kind of bibb-like variety called Buttercrunch and it is just about the most delicious lettuce I’ve ever had. It takes nearly 3 months to mature (longer than the seed packet claims) but it is very worth the wait.

I’ve got heirloom tomatoes started and so far we’ve got one Yellow Gooseberry candidate and two Italian D’Inverno up (both cherry in size, the latter a red that is supposed to produce until the first frost at which point you can cut the limbs still holding tomatoes and hang them up and pick fresh tomatoes from them through the winter months). Of the larger slicing size, two Break O’ Day red tomao sprouts are up and two Golden Jubilee. I know we’ve got room for 8 plants around and about the yard and am hoping to find places for a full 12. You simply cannot have too many tomatoes unless they are the expensive and completely tasteless things you can get at the grocery store here.

This morning I also planted 15 more arugula seeds and two kinds of heirloom bell pappers; 3 Albino Bullnose and 3 Charleston Belles. I’ve got to wait until next week when I get some more medim-sized starter pots to round that up to a total of 10 bell pepper plants and to plant the two kinds of heirloom aubergine seeds (5 plants of each).

I just got back from the vet with Batya who neeeded her steroid shot for the gingivitis. Little Whisper is out for the first time today from her quarantined convalesence. We very nearly lost her and more than $2000 in, we’ve still no idea what this mystery illness is. I’ll try to get a post in about what all we’ve been through with her on Friday.

I’ve got to go collect the 20 bags of litter we ordered and then work on school projects. More updates to come as soon as I get some breathing space 🙂 Love and hugs, been missing you all!!


One response to “An absolutely gorgeous day”

  1. Erin says :

    Hello stranger!!! So glad to hear from you. The garden looks amazing and props to you cuz the first spider I saw that size would be the last second I spent digging anything outta that box. Poor Little Whisper and Batya, hoping both of them are feeling better soon. I know it is hard for you to rest easy at night when they are sick. Can’t wait to hear more updates:)

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