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In addition to the garden and taking care of a horde of cats, I’m doing a web developer certificate programme. It is a year full of courses, finishing up next January. This semester is just 3 courses and in the fall there are six more to take (you’d think they could have divided them up a bit more evenly but the ones in the fall all require knowledge from these base three). Two of the courses are very interesting and useful. One focuses on coding javascript and the other teaches you how to use WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) web design programs.

Unfortunately all the classes assume you are using windows 7/xp and a lot of the programs we are using simply don’t function with any iteration so far of windows 8 –and you can’t even buy a computer that doesn’t run windows 8 any longer. The 7 vs 8 software issues are causing no end of of problems for those of us who would like to work on their class projects at home rather than in the lab on campus –it does not have user friendly hours.

I’m learning quite a lot though and am hoping to use the skills to good end in developing the D.A.R.A. site. I’ve gotten the sanctuary registered as a business (first step), gotten a tax id number for it (second step), registered it as a non-profit in Texas (3rd step) and am now slogging through the paperwork (seriously like 40 pages of stuff to fill out with innumerable addendums to write up and attach) to get IRS kosher non-profit status (4th step) at which point I have to fill out paperwork confirming to the state that the temporary non-profit status they’ve given should be converted over to real non-profit status (5th step). I’ve already got tax filings to do for it even though we aren’t off the ground yet because the state gave us non-profit status like 2 days before January 1st and the taxes are way more involved than individuals face (and the U.S. tax system is seriously messed up compared to the Israeli system for individuals). As soon as all that is done, I’ve got to start on the Israeli side of it. But it is all coming along, more slowly than I’d like, but getting there.

In another post I’ll talk about what I’m planning and hoping to do with DARA both in the U.S. and back home.


5 responses to “Latest projects”

  1. TIger Mike says :

    Wow, I thought you went off line forever! Glad your back!

    We’ve been in J Town for 6 months now. Which means it’s been 6 months since you left Israel.

    My wife and I are in Rome right now. We found a cat sanctuary in the middle of the city. We went there just to pet the kitties. And we are still friends with several cats in Jerusalem.

  2. SirJohn says :

    Good to see that you are back. HP used to be a good company, way back in the 1990s. But I have steered clear of them for many years, after having had similar issues with their printers.

  3. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Just a short hello to you Yael and to the great woman Lynne. I hope Lynne is OK and that you are well too Yael.

    I am kind of surprised that you have these issues with Windows 7 programs. I currently use Windows 7 Ultimate on my computer and I am planning to upgrade to the free (a first for Microsoft!!) Windows 10 version when it is made available for free for all users of Windows 8, 8.1 and 7 around October 2015.

    I have to admit that I do not have any experience of these issues simply because I have never used so far Windows 8.1. You are the first person I heard who had issues with Windows 7 programs not running on Windows 8.1 but again I have not had enough experience on this matter to have a good point of view.
    Having said that, normally (well, in theory!), all Windows 7 programs should normally run fine on Windows 8.1. Well, that is what I thought so far and I am kind of worried now because I will upgrade to Windows 10 when it comes out.

    Concerning your HP computer, I am really surprised. HP has such a reputation that to see how many problems you had to go through is really scary in many ways. I hope these problems will be gone for good with your Lenovo computer.

    May I wish you Yael and your mother Lynne all the best. Take good care of both of you.

  4. tddpirate says :

    Speaking of Lenovo, they have an issue with malware which they installed on their laptops. See in the news and in their press release:

    • israeliminx says :

      Pirate, thanks for the heads up! Thankfully, it doesn’t apply to my version but I did get a damn trojan off one of my professors with the files we needed to download for a project. Gah!

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