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Yes! Yesh! Go Likud!

I’ve been hanging on every update with the elections and exit polls show Likud and Z.U. either tied 27-27 or with Likud 28-27. It wouldn’t matter if Zionist Union had come out ahead 27 to 23 or 24, Bibi is the next PM as he is the only one who is going to be able to put together a coalition with enough seats.

The new United Arab list did just as predicted, pulling in 12 seats (what you would get if you added in the seat power of the 5 or 6 previously separate Arab parties together). NGOs may have bused in Arab voters (something totally unnecessary in Israel as if your polling station is far afield you get free bus and train travel to it, it is a national holiday and the polls are open until 10 pm) but they perhaps forgot that a significant portion of Arab-Israelis vote for “Zionist” parties ranging from the far right parties to the far left and not for the Arab parties. Personally, I think the more citizens who vote the better and I don’t care if they are green martians who worship a water woo woo. I would, of course, prefer if they voted with a bit of sense.

Oops I wrote this like 2 hours ago and forgot to hit publish (I had to run and roll out the bread dough for hamburger buns or we’ll never eat tonight), but things look even better than when I last checked. Bibi has just made history!


Now this is the home I know

From reading the newspapers from over here, I have been trying to figure out how it seems like the country has gone insane in just 6 months. Every other article and poll seems to be proclaiming that the country has suddenly radically swung left of center in the blink of an eye. Well, this is the reception of the chameleon leaders of the new leftie movement that I would have expected in a normal world: Seems my countrymen have not gone totally nuts after all