Now this is the home I know

From reading the newspapers from over here, I have been trying to figure out how it seems like the country has gone insane in just 6 months. Every other article and poll seems to be proclaiming that the country has suddenly radically swung left of center in the blink of an eye. Well, this is the reception of the chameleon leaders of the new leftie movement that I would have expected in a normal world: Seems my countrymen have not gone totally nuts after all


21 responses to “Now this is the home I know”

  1. Tiger Mike says :

    So, what party will Livni run with next election?

    • israeliminx says :

      LOL, well your guess is as good as mine, perhaps the “just put me in power” campaign? Seriously, the woman will do anything and to think I used to believe she had at least one principled bone in her body.

      On a much nicer note, how was Italy and how are you guys settling in?!

  2. Mike says :

    Okay, as you know I don’t tweet, but if you do, please join the #askhamas campaign. Some of the questions so far have been hilarious.

  3. Larry007 says :

    I really hope Bibi will not win. He proved to be a real disaster for Israel.

  4. Tiger Mike says :

    Italy was great. We are settling in ok. But I miss my cats. Oh, and my children.

    When are you moving back “Home”?

    And Larry007, I’ve finally decided to vote Likud. If you think Bibi has been a disaster, what the left would do to Israel would be a catastrophe.

    • Larry007 says :

      Tiger Mike, don’t fall into that trap. Bibi had enough time to prove himself and he did absolutely nothing. Even the war with Hamas is was not able to finish it off, one way or another. He lost his credit with me. I’m 40, 2 kids, have a good paid job, my wife also, and we still struggle to live a normal life in these abnormal economic conditions. I’m really sick of Bibi and his cronies…I’ll give the other side a chance, maybe they’ll be better, maybe not. If not, we can always go back to Bibi, he’ll be there, waiting with his traps.

  5. Tiger Mike says :

    Larry, don’t fall into the trap of the left wing media.

    There is nothing more important than the security situation. Bugi and Tzipi will surrender to all the demands of the Palistinian Arabs. By 2017 there will be the new nation of Palistine, yet another jihadist nation dedicated to the destruction of Israel. In 2018 Hamas won’t be firing rockets from Gaza. they will be firing them from the Temple Mount.

    Have you thought about the cost of resettling 350,000 people from the Territories? Have you thought of what that will do to housing prices? Have you thought of what that will do to food production? Have you got a spare 50,000 apartments in Tel Aviv for them? How about a spare 100,000 jobs for them? What about the taxes you will have to pay to finance their resettlement costs, unemployment benefits, the refugee camps that they will be living in for years (if not decades)? (How’s that Gush Katif resettlement going?)

    Socialism won’t help you live a better life. It will take more of your money and more of your freedom. And this bunch will take away your security, too.

    I’m 53. I have three children in universities, which I am paying for. I gave up a hell of a lot to come to this country. I live a MUCH lower lifestyle than I did in the United States. I am not willing to gamble on a political party who’s main enemy is the “Settler Enterprise.” Im not willing to give a chance to politicians who’s coruption makes Bibi and his cronies look like saints. I’m not willing to elect a woman who’s only guiding principle is “I want to be prime minister!”

    The so called “Zionist Union” will give away things that cannot be taken back. Not by a waiting Bibi. Not by anyone.

    So, don’t complain that your Miliky costs too much. Be an adult and realize that a political party who won’t state that Israel is a Jewish country dosent have your best interest at heart.

  6. israeliminx says :

    Tiger Mike, you took the words right out of my mouth and put them way better than I ever could.

    Housing prices starting sky-rocketing under a center-left (with Tzipi as second in command) coalition. In late 2005 I was looking at apartments in the center of Tel Aviv going for well under $150k U.S. — a year later those apartments were going for over $300k and two years later …three years later…Bibi hasn’t fixed it but he also hasn’t made it worse. Lefty Lapid, remember, was supposed to fix the price of our skyrocketing cottage cheese and he got in as finance minister and did… absolutely nothing — in fact, once he got in, he proclaimed that things were going to have to get worse before they got better and the damn cottage cheese price just kept going up.

    Ehud Barak has thrown his support behind Herzog and that should be enough for anyone to say run for the hills from that candidate!

    • Tiger Mike says :

      Aww, come on. Barak’s withdrawal from Lebanon worked out ok. No, wait a minute…….

      The cost of withdrawal from the territories would be crushing. Let’s say that we kept Mali Adonmim (ok, I can’t spell it). That would still mean that close to 300,000 people would be forcibly evicted from their homes. There isn’t anyplace for them to go! The government would have to build refugee camps for them. And how long would they be there. The government would have to compensate them for their lost property. How much would that cost? You just made 4% of the population unemployed. What would that cost?

      What I see is a number of refugee camps around the country, full of hopeless, homeless people subsisting on government handouts. It would be an embarrassment to the government and the country. People would want to quickly forget about the Jews who were forced out of their homes by a Jewish government.

      What I see is a Jewish version of what the various Arab governments did to Palistinain Arab refugees after 1948. Shove them in a camp and forget about them. And when it’s politically expedient, use them for political purposes.

      Tomorrow is Election Day. Maybe I won’t vote for Likud. Maybe I’ll do what you did in the last elections;-)

      And tomorrow is Saint Patrick’s Day. (I know. Not here). I’ll be wearing green. I just found out that’s the color of the Meretz party. Think people will think I’m a communist?

      (For anyone interested, I am of Irish decent.)

  7. Tiger Mike says :

    Well, well well. Political grandstanding 12 hours before the election. I’m not sure what Tzipi is up to. But she must not be the draw she thought she was.

    • israeliminx says :

      I saw that and laughed. Here’s the deal: You didn’t need to know the internal polling numbers that show that people consider the little ‘time sharing’ agreement she and Herzog put together (with Livni’s fingers around Herzog’s throat) to be a sign of weakness, to know that this was going to be an albatross. When they first came out with the switch off for PM scheme, I was so gleeful that I danced around. People who a) hate Livni or b) don’t believe women should lead or c)hate Herzog or d) anything else that people like about one but hate about the other is going to create a hollow core in their joint support. Desperate much at this 12th hour? Yes, indeed. Thank g-d.

  8. Lynne says :

    Tiger Mike, I totally agree with you, though I do see and share Larry’s concerns about the economy. Security is more important for Israel. I feel that the economy and other issues can be worked out.
    I am on pins and needles over here in Texas waiting for election results.
    Tiger Mike, Larry, hope that all is well with you and your families.

    • Larry007 says :

      My kids wake up at 6am and we went voting with them at 8. we went hiking in woods and came home to eat lunch and an afternoon nap. I love election day 🙂

  9. Tiger Mike says :

    My wife and I were up early and went to vote. It took us a while t find the correct polling place. But we eventually did.

    I, of course, voted for Meretz. And my wife voted for the Joint Arab List. (the preceeding was what is known as a joke)

    From what I am hearing, the masive Arab turn out (thanks V-15 and Obama) will probably lead to a left wing government. But it will be made up largly by Arab Parties who are dedicated to the destruction of the State of Israel.

    So, Larry, I think you will get your wish. And all of us will get Hanin Zoabi in the government!

    One hour until the polls close!

  10. Tiger Mike says :

    Looks like my earler analsis was totally wrong. Exit polls are showing a tie for Labr and Likud. The joint Arab list is much lower than I predicted. Jewish Home is lower than I predicted, too.

    This probably favors a Likud led government. But the back stabbing, pay offs, secrate agreements , and other political manuvering is just starting. I’m sure both Labor and Likud have a bunch of secrate deals in place.. But to quote Mary Poppens, these promises are “Pie crust promises. Easly made. Easly broken.”

    The real sleaze is just begining.

  11. tddpirate says :

    Let’s wait for the real election results, before making comments.
    So far we know only what people voted in the exit polls.

  12. tddpirate says :

    In the morning, after 99% of the votes have been counted, I published the following Facebook status:

    That’s it, the public has spoken.

    In spite of what did the election propaganda and other mass communication items say, people preferred security over economy.
    The average Israeli preferred to reduce the risk of genocide by the Iranian A-bomb and, if surviving it, having again to be refugees in a hostile world, over improved economic situation.
    In fact, in the region that did not enjoy improved security situation under Netanyahu, i.e. the towns and villages near the Gaza Strip, the Zionist camp (Herzog and Livni) won more votes than the Likud (Netanyahu).

    The people preferred the leader, who would not grovel before a hostile American President, while limiting the risk of it thanks to having support by the American Congress.
    The people preferred the leader, who does not blame the failure of peace talks with the Palestinians on Israeli unwillingness to repeat the experiment of the Disengagement, but assigns blame to the Palestinian refusal to ever make peace with Israel.

    Amazingly enough, this time, common sense won.
    Despite increasing strengh of the Right, Baruch Marzel’s party is swinging below threshold.
    The parties which have homophobic MKs – Jewish Home and Shas – lost power.
    (I have not checked if the Arab parties, which make up the Joint List, some of which are homophobic, won or lost power.)

    Now we have to wait and see if there are no significant upsets in the election results due to exposure of instances of electoral fraud. Then, whether Netanyahu succeeds in forming a government.

    Then see if those who were brainwashed by Leftist propaganda, will not emigrate from Israel.
    One thing is sure, many journalists and publicists will have to eat their hats. We need here an entrepreneur, who can open overnight a plant for making edible hats.

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