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A garden update and the traffic stopping rose

The garden is only just now on the cusp of becoming productive. I had a few setbacks. They were major setbacks. Last fall, after all the double digging, spider-eeking, and sweat, I did what I have never done before — I created the Mel’s mix (of square foot gardening fame) for the big salad raised bed. I mixed in vermiculite, peat moss, soil, and compost in the correct proportions. Unfortunately, because I’d only just started our own composting at my Ema’s place, I bought compost in bags from the garden store ($30 of the stuff!!), and even more unfortunately, the compost turned out to be a serious plant killer. It wasn’t cured. It was supposed to be cured but what we got was literally hundreds of (non-edible) mushrooms sprouting and anything planted either turned yellow and died soon after sprouting or just sat there if transplanted like it lived in munchkin land. The only exceptions were on the side where I’d run out of the compost and that was only a few squares of this big square foot garden.

I’ve now replaced almost all of the squares containing that expensive mix with, well, still expensive miracle gro soil, but at least things are growing.

I designed two raised beds, one with a trellis, that are just getting going.

More pics to come of the garden today.


this blog is about to undergo a change — I just haven’t decided how

The blog is no longer a haven for me to spit out whatever is on my mind, anything that might be worrying me, my feelings about pretty much anything or pretty much almost anything else. I regularly sit down to compose a blog post and, as the needed self-censorship kicks in, I realize that there really isn’t much I can say about much of anything –certainly not anything that really matters to me. You’ve probably noticed the lack of updates if, because of the lack of updates, you still bother to check this blog.

I’ve considered the options. I could go all politics all the time and just rant about the, it seems, multi-daily insults, underminings, and machinations that present an existential threat to my country. I could start blogging only in Hebrew or only in German (yes, my German is still better than my Hebrew but more to the point uses the same keyboard I have available). I could just restrict it to how the borrowed garden grows. I’ve not decided yet but do plan to put up a post on the garden later today.

Pesach sameach everyone

Wishing everyone a good holiday and a good Easter too for those who celebrate that holiday. This is the first time in 31 years that I will not be doing a seder. I’d forgotten that you have to reserve a spot months in advance in the U.S. at one of the synagogues and we simply aren’t set up for having one at home this year. Next year in Jerusalem, indeed.