Flying the flag


It was with a little trepidation that I put up our flag back on Yom HaAtzmaut — I’m in a very (very very very) “progressive,” Obama-fawning, lefty neighbourhood. I thought it possible we might suffer some insults and even possibly vandalization. However, the result of proudly flying the Israeli flag has been astounding.

A couple of days after I put it up I was working in the front garden and a passing car slammed on its brakes, backed up and a woman leaped out of the passenger’s seat and ran up to tell me how excited she was to see the Israeli flag flying on the house. She and her husband lived in Jerusalem for 10 years during the ’80s but had to come back to the U.S. to care for her husband’s ailing parents. They were on the verge of moving back home again when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and so their plans are again on hold. She literally threw her arms around me and hugged me.

We’ve had people walking by compliment the garden and ‘beautiful’ yard and then add that they loved to see the flag up.

Yesterday, Ema had to take the car into the shop [Side note: It is seriously criminal to make a car that, when some plastic part on the inside door handle breaks so it won’t function, you not only have to replace the door handle but the entire inside panel and removing the inside panel causes the plastic window guide to break so the window gets stuck in the down position and so the total cost of replacing a non-functioning handle is a bit more than $1400). The service guy who drove her home was ecstatic when he saw the flag. It turns out he ‘plays’ the shofar in his Church and he brought out pictures of his little two year old son blowing on a baby version of the shofar.

We’ve had nothing but positive responses!


2 responses to “Flying the flag”

  1. dumbledoresarmy says :

    That must have been so encouraging.

    • israeliminx says :

      It has been really great and it is turning out to be a great way to meet interesting people — yesterday an Indian couple came up the walk and wanted to know if we were Jews and from Israel — their son lives up the street doing his masters in architecture and he spent two months living in Ashdod as part of a school exchange program a few years ago. They said it was his favourite place to live and that he had such a wonderful time and then they invited us to come and stay with them at their home in Mumbai. They were so cute!

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