summer goals

Really short-term goals (e.g., next two weeks):
1. Write up our Articles of Incorporation, the last piece needed to file for 501(c)3 status for DARA.
2. Get the DARA website up and running with the permanent (as opposed to just thrown up there last fall) design
3. Do some garden work (need to plant out hot pepper and tomato transplants and plant a ton of herb seeds- dill, marjoram, cilantro, basil, summer savory) and do a ton of yard work (might have to wait on the yard work as we are having rain, rain, and more rain)
4. Do something about the damn fire ants that are EVERYWHERE
5. Finish Javascript for Cats (cute name, lots of work)

Summer goals:
1. Get to be a Javascript expert with mentor help 🙂
2. Learn Python
3. Do a full refresher on PHP (another coding language) because my memory of it is nearly 15 years old and so rusty there just ain’t that much left
4. Write up and submit the 22 studies, divided into 6 (I think) articles, that I’ve not had time to even look at much beyond actual data collection and stats analysis over the past 3 years but that had really robust and interesting findings. (I’m bagging the 17 studies that I just don’t find interesting but certainly could be published).
5. Finish volume 1 of the 3-volume young adult fiction series I’m working on. (I’ve been so frustrated with it because when the computer died it took with it the 3 chapters I wrote in the fall. So I’ve got to reinvent them all over again from scratch. I was 2 chapters from closing the first in the series!)
6. Get accepted to MakerSquare

Well that is enough to go on with.


One response to “summer goals”

  1. dumbledoresarmy says :

    Fire ants are *horrible*. They have managed to hitch-hike all the way to Australia; so far the infestation is confined to a couple of suburbs in one of our port cities, but our authorities are working very hard to monitor and to try to keep them in check before they get any further.

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