We survived a tornado

Last night a mini tornado ripped up our street –it went all the way up the street and it ripped some places up good and proper. Two blocks over, there is not even a mini tree limb down. In our back yard the 300lb dog kennel that was Tovi’s home until a few weeks ago (when we brought her inside afraid of lightning strikes on the metal kennel) was picked up and thrown:

I heard the longest and loudest “thunder” roll I’ve ever heard in my life –it went on for a good two minutes and there had been no flash of lightning. I could not get the front door to open more than an inch, the suction from the wind was so fierce. The electricity went out and stayed out until about an hour ago. We could hear all hell breaking loose outside around us and, when things calmed down a bit, we ventured out with a torch to check on the cats in the garage and Shachori in her enclosure and to examine the flung across the yard kennel (shown above).

Here are a couple of videos I took this morning before the battery in my camera died. (And yes, I’ve picked up a Texas accent).

We’re fine and all the cats are fine.


2 responses to “We survived a tornado”

  1. dumbledoresarmy says :

    Thank goodness you’re okay!

  2. WipeOutHamasOnceAndForAll says :

    Just a short hello to you Yael and to your mother Lynne. I hope you are both well in Austin I believe after this tornado that sometimes can be really very bad.

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