first mini tornado, then flood, now waiting on the locusts and pestilence… :)

We had a bit of excitement today.

It got rapidly worse:

And worse:


7 responses to “first mini tornado, then flood, now waiting on the locusts and pestilence… :)”

  1. dumbledoresarmy says :

    Oh my goodness! I was just reading in the news about floods in Texas and I thought of you at once and rushed over to look at your blog and there it is…scary. Hope all is well at your place. Did your raised garden beds “hold”? Were your plants washed out of the ground, or did they manage to hang on?

    • israeliminx says :

      Dumbledoresarmy — so good to see you!! We lost about half of the lettuce but all the other veggies came through it fine, thank goodness. in fact, the Sungold tomato now has five babies forming and the bush lima beans have pods forming. I’m hoping we are going to have a productive garden this summer.

      Back in 2003 central Texas had what they called a “100 year” flood –one that only happens of that magnitude every 100 or so years (I think the last one that bad was back in 1894). They are calling this a ‘1000 year’ flood because it was literally 3 times as intense. You can usually walk across the Blanco River in a lot of spots (most people would call it a creek and not a river) but the water rose up to above 40 feet deep in a matter of mere hours. It looks like a damn is about to break outside of Dallas and they’ve evacuated all the people and livestock living in the likely path of the water if it does. And we’ve got more rain in the forecast!

      Oh yeah, remember the house I used to own? Everyone on that street had to be emergency evacuated out and all the houses went under water! There is a little creek that runs behind the houses on the opposite side of the street from where my old house sits. We had to have flood insurance there even though the house was up on a hill (and we thought it was ridiculous to require it) — the house went under water!

  2. Erin says :

    WOWSERS! I’ve been crazy busy with the end of the year at school, moving, and some other stuff so i just got updated on all your posts since April. The flood footage is nuts!!! Glad you guys are all safe after the mini tornado. Definitely way too much excitement for me. I still don’t get the coding stuff (hell, I don’t know how to use this mysterious cloud to save things) but I am so glad to hear you are happy and it makes me really really happy to hear how positive everyone is being about you guys flying the Israeli flag. I guess I hear so much negative stuff towards Israel (and jews in general) that I am always excited to hear that not everyone hates us 😉 Hope you guys get to see the sunshine soon!!!

  3. Tiger Mike says :

    Its warm and sunny here in J Town. There won’t be any rain until October. Move back here! You can help me name all the feral cats.

  4. israeliminx says :

    Tiger — Moving back is definitely the plan 🙂 I’ll definitely help with naming (and hopefully spaying and neutering) all the feral cats in your area with pleasure 🙂

    • Tiger Mike says :

      The vast majority of the feral cats I see have a clipped ear. I did come across one the other day that was bleeding profusely. I decided that trying to help a wounded feral cat was about like sticking my hand into a buzz saw.

      We can’t save them all:-(

      • Lynne says :

        Tiger, likely the cat would not allow you to help. It seems that most of the time a wounded or sick animal is very difficult to help. I agree with you, impossible to save them all.

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