Something is wrong with Flora

This morning when I went out to feed the kitties in the garage enclosure Flora came up but kept falling over. I knew immediately that something was very wrong and ran for a cat carrier, Ema called the vet, and just a few minutes later we were on the way there with her. We know she is extremely dizzy — her little eyes were flicking back and forth and back and forth like one of those cat clocks.

It may be a middle ear infection — her eardrums did not look completely normal but nor are they presenting as you would typically expect with a middle ear infection. It could possibly be a stroke (she is Little Mouse’s sister and so may be genetically predisposed) but it isn’t presenting exactly like that either. It could be a brain tumour but the good news is that out of the three possibilities, her symptoms are the least like that one. They are keeping her for observation at the clinic until this evening and running a lot of blood work on her.

I’m really worried.

Update: The vet has just called and now I’m even more worried. He’s noticed some slight paralysis in her face on one side and she is not wanting to eat anything. My cats are maniacs for wet food and she is not touching hers there, despite the anti-nausea medication she’s had and an appetite stimulant. Her sister, Flossie, is ALSO off her food. We are bringing Flossie in for a total checkup at 5 today and then we’ll bring both girls home with us and install them in my room — Flora will go into the small kitty condo and Flossie will be on the loose with Batya, Tinoket, Matan and possibly Mischa (though he enjoys being out and about in the rest of the house). Smokey Eyin Echad (Smokey One Eye) has sole proprietorship of my bathroom because of her cognitive issues –namely that when out in the bedroom she can’t find her way to the litterbox and so goes under the bed.


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