Prayers for Flora the Explorer please

The lab results have come back completely inconclusive. Some of the things, like a higher than normal calcification level, seem to be possibly indicative of cancer but other values that you’d usually (maybe, possibly) see with cancer are not there. Some of the values seem indicative of an inner or middle ear infection but again, a lot of the values you’d expect to see for that are not there. The other possibilities have been ruled out: She doesn’t have Feline Leukemia or Feline Aids (we already knew that but had the tests run anyway just on the off-chance that her previous tests had given a false negative). She hasn’t eaten anything that could contain botulism (she eats exactly what the other cats eat and nothing that could spoil is left after a meal, much less left out).

She is spending the day at the vet clinic again today to get supportive care and further observation. She is getting sub-Q fluids there and they are going to start her on the antibiotics that, if it is an inner ear infection, will cure her. Her balance is, obviously, still non-existent and so she falls over a lot, especially if she tries to put her head down to drink or eat. She simply can’t manage to do either on her own. She still has paralysis that keeps one eye fully open and so needs to have eye drops put in every few hours.

If it is all caused by an ear infection we will know somewhere between 3-7 days from now …because she will begin improving. If the antibiotics don’t give improvement, essentially we will know that it is a brain tumor. And there just is no cure for that in a cat and it would be criminal to even try.

This is just so shocking to experience. One day you have what appears to be a completely healthy, sleek, happy and young cat (she isn’t yet 6 years old!) and the next morning you have a cat that is stumbling and falling over and can’t even blink one eye.


7 responses to “Prayers for Flora the Explorer please”

  1. Coyote says :

    I am so sorry. Lost sweet Samuel to a brain tumor. I never cried harder … He was my rowdy little boy. Will keep Flora in prayers.

  2. Erin says :

    I will keep Flora in my thoughts. Poor girl, she is really young to have such a serious “out of the blue” health scare like this. I’ll keep checking back for updates. Hope all else is well and that you guys are drying out!

  3. israeliminx says :

    Coyote — I am so sorry to hear about your rowdy lil boy, Samuel 😦 Was he an older kitty? Older or younger, he was extremely lucky and blessed to have you as his person, and I know you were blessed to have him in your life.

    We are still reeling here from the loss of Smokey three weeks ago — he was my Ema’s oldest cat (17 years) and it was very sudden: 2 a.m. he suddenly had a seizure, vomited blood, and we rushed him to the emergency clinic — he had the same kind of thromboembolism that killed Arie and Little Mouse and he was at high risk of it because of his thyroid disease. It has really hit not only my Ema hard but also Nipper, his younger cousin and constant shadow and companion. Nipper is still vocalizing and searching for him high and low throughout the house and it is very distressing to watch him grieving.

    Erin –many thanks!! Sending you a hug. We are finally drying out here. How goes the teaching –are you done for the summer?

    • Coyote says :

      Samuel was 14. He had a seizure and after the emergency vet checked him over … it was a brain tumor. Nipper’s reaction sounds like Kyrie’s reaction to Samuel’s death. I got Samuel’s ashes back … Kyrie (who is also no longer with me) rubbed and sniffed at the container the ashes had been put in. She knew who was in there! Anyway I’m glad to hear that Flora is getting better.

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