Brief update on me

In addition to the daily dealings with all the cats and our current kitty emergency, I’ve got lots of other things going on. I’m doing two free online courses ( is awesome) in the Python computer language, I’m nearly done with the Code Academy Javascript course (largely a review of the material in the course I took this spring), and, in about a week and a bit, I’ll start the really intensive Javascript mentoring programme in the hopes of getting accepted to MakerSquare in Sept.

In the meantime, I’m working on a javascript-based website I want to launch for gardeners, getting the last piece in place for filing for 501(c) non-profit status for DARA, getting the DARA website fully functional, and doing some gardening myself.

I’ll do a more expansive garden update soon but can report that I am happy with how it is progressing so far: We’ve definitely got tomatoes, peppers, beans and eggplants in our future 🙂 After that major flooding we had, I wasn’t so sure.

One of the next things I need to tackle is figuring out how to establish a non-profit back home in Israel (anyone with any knowledge and help here on this, your input is more than highly valued).


3 responses to “Brief update on me”

  1. Mike says :

    Good to hear from you. I was thinking about you in all the floods.

  2. Tiger Mike says :

    I thought most busnesses in Israel are “non-profit.” At lease all the busnesses on Emek Rafaim in Jerusalem that are closing.

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