Update on Flora

I am cautiously optimistic. She is improving. She is now eating her wet food on her own and this morning when I put the eye drops into her eye, the eye blinked. It was a real blink and not just the reflexive third eyelid coming down. She does still have the eye paralysis and paralysis on that same side of her mouth but her balance seems better and she is purring a lot and wanting pet. Given that she is improving, we can rule out cancer. We still don’t know if it is an inner ear infection or some sort of viral infection. I got online and read through some of the medical journal articles and other online resources and it seems that about 75% of partial facial paralysis combined with vertigo (essentially what makes her fall over) in cats is idiopathic, meaning of an unknown origin. The good news is that, with the exception of it being cancer, the majority of cats will recover fully or to a large extent within 6 weeks, with supportive nursing.

Flora is installed in the glass shower stall in my bathroom and her sister, Flossie, has the run of the bathroom. Their being in there is causing a bit of a brouhaha with the cats in my bedroom (Batya, Tinoket, and Matan in particular). One or more of them peed all over the floor outside the bathroom door and on the wall next to it to show their displeasure. At least Smokey Eyin Echad is happy as little clam in the kitty condo.


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