The garden, she is growing :)

I thought I’d share some pics I took yesterday of the garden –growing your own food is so much fun! It is especially fun when you are getting close to actually being able to harvest significant amounts from the veggie garden. I’ve got lots of spaces in the square foot garden cleared out (and will be harvesting fully another 7 squares tomorrow) and so can plant more string beans, lima beans (Ema’s most favourite food), and okra as well as putting in some herb seeds (dill, summer savory, cilantro, and basil). I’ve still got 3 tomato seedlings to find a spot for somewhere in the yard and 4 albino bell pepper seedlings –and it is almost time to start planting the fall garden (you plant for it in July and August here!). Ok, so here we go:

Some of the Swiss Chard, our work-horse “greens” that are good (baby leaves) in salad and (big leaves) in stir fries and soups, and that is still going strong after being planted back in October from a “microgreens” seed packet and that I transplanted out back in February (?) IMG_0903
Lima beans!! IMG_0901

Two of our 9 different kinds of tomato plants (14 plants if you count the 3 I still haven’t set out yet). Here we’ve got the Sungold Cherry and San Marzano (like a Roma): IMG_0900 IMG_0902

Next up are some of the peppers. In the first pic there is (foreground) our first Albino pepper forming and in the background two chocolate bell peppers growing on the plant. Then we’ve got the sweet cherry bell peppers and the gourmet (and seriously expensive in the store) Gypsy peppers::
IMG_0895 IMG_0894

Finally, our first aubergine (eggplant) is forming! This one is called an Astrokom: IMG_0896


2 responses to “The garden, she is growing :)”

  1. Miki says :

    Great to see you blogging more regularly.

  2. dumbledoresarmy says :

    Looks like all that rain – even with the flood that swept right through your garden – was just the ticket and the garden plants have sucked up the water happily and are flourishing. Good to see.

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