Flora, okra, javascript

A quick update on Flora the Explorer: Her eye is still paralysed in the open state (not able to blink) but she has ceased falling over and is now able to jump up on things and be quite active. Because her eye can’t shut, I’m still needing to put drops in every few hours. It is hard to tell if her increased mobility is due to an actual improvement in her condition or if she has simply acclimated to the ‘new balance’ of being off-balance. She is eating well and that is a good sign. We really have no idea what has caused this. We do know that it generally takes about 6 weeks to recover.

This morning I harvested the first ‘ready’ okra from the garden and by tomorrow it looks like there will be at least 10 more to pluck. The first Astrakom eggplant should also be ready to harvest within the next couple of days –they only get 4 inches long and happily there are several more growing in the ‘wings.’ One of the ‘chocolate’ bell peppers is nearly the right colour for harvesting –it is turning brown but still has an undertone of green to it –it should be ready when it is the colour of dark chocolate: I think another day or two! On the menu tonight is a stir-fry with the single okra, a gypsy pepper, 4 runner beans and Swiss Chard and a side of string (french) beans, with everything except the rice and onions all from the garden 🙂

Tomorrow I am going to be setting up the intensive mentoring in Javascript I’m doing this summer: It will be 8 weeks long and about 35 hours a week. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve decided to drop one of the Python courses I’ve been doing (both are free) and may end up dropping the other, less intensive, one as well. I want to be able to turn full laser-beam focus on Javascript and I’ve found that the syntax differences have been getting in the way –it is simply annoying –and Python is a much easier language and so I should be able to pick it back up quickly after I’ve got the Javascript nailed down.


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