Hilarious: Louie Louie misheard lyrics (story why song was banned from radio too)

So, last night in a random conversation, my Ema mentioned that, as a young teen, the song Louie Louie (version by the Kingsmen) was one of her favorites from the first time she heard it …but she only got to hear it a couple of times before it was banned from the radio in her small town. It didn’t just get banned in her town but from radio stations across the country. No one could really tell what the heck the lyrics were saying but a lot of people suspected that they were in some way obscene (by the standards of the day), lurid, or in other ways BAD. It was also the subject of an FBII investigation about the supposed but nonexistent obscenity of the lyrics.

Immediately I had to go to the internet to find out exactly what the lyrics really are. That video, with the actual lyrics, is at the bottom of this post. However, while watching it, we noticed that the Kingsmen had put up an animated “Misheard” lyrics of Louie Louie video. We checked it out and literally fell on the floor laughing. I seriously laughed so hard I thought I was going to be sick. So, I thought I’d share that hilarious video. Here it is and the one with the actual lyrics is below it.

The real lyrics (nothing prurient –well maybe one thing but it is still unclear– there):


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