a short –hrm make that rather long– update

Just a short update on how and what I’m doing. I’m spending about 10 hours a day learning to code. I’ve gotten the command line down and the ins and outs of CSS are in my pocket. Right now I’m filling in some of the holes in basic Javascript that were skipped in the class I took (things like how to work with the date object, how to add and remove things from arrays) and on the more advanced end trying to get my head around prototypes, object constructor methods and properties (and how they work with prototypes) and the DOM (document object model). I’m about to start learning Jquery — I think in about week I’ll be ready to dive into that. I’m about ready to git hubbing 🙂

One of the things that has been fun and helpful is going to a weekly meetup for women who code. The group brings in great speakers on different topics and is great for having a social support system. I’ve met some really nice gals there. Protektzia (its all about who you know…) is as important in the coding world as it is in Israel, so networking is important –a lot of jobs are never listed but rather filled by a coder recommended by someone who works there.

On the kitty front, Flora the Explorer has finally recovered and can blink on her own now. We had to take Gypsy into the vet the other day because he wasn’t eating and still losing weight (he was one of our outside, previously feral kitties, and he got beaten up by this totally vicious cat in the neighborhood that has Feline Aids and so contracted it. He’s now in an enclosure all his own so that we can keep an eye on his health). He was dehydrated and after getting fluids is back to eating. I refer to him as our transgender kitty because when he first came up a friend of my Ema’s was convinced he was a she — for two years he’s been called a she and it was a bit of a surprise when the vet was like, well HE…

The garden is doing great and really helping with our people food bills (the cost of the food and litter for the cats is something like 6 times our people food budget). I’ll put up some pictures of the Pandora striped rose aubergine (egglplants) that we haven’t tasted yet — they are much later producing than the Astrakoms but it seems get ginormous: 3 inches wide by 8 inches long. There are a bunch of them growing on the vine :). We’ve also got a tiny watermelon forming (it is not even half an inch long yet) and is going to be a surprise as to what kind it is. I planted both Sugar Baby (small icebox size) and a “it gets ginormous” kind but now can’t remember which watermelon plant is which…

I’ve not been blogging about politics because I am so disgusted that everytime I start to write something about the &*%%%$$# crazy, immoral, evil regime in power in the U.S., I want to throw something. The sooner that I get the hell out of the U.S. and back home, the better as far as I’m concerned. I’m hoping that by this time next summer I’ll be starting a cool job as a front-end developer at a cool Israeli company…


3 responses to “a short –hrm make that rather long– update”

  1. Miki says :

    Just wanted to say hi, Yaeli.

  2. Miki says :

    Hi Yaeli, everything is fine with me and mine. I am grateful for that. I’m sorry to read about Minette. I really enjoy reading your updates. I look forward to your returning to Israel. Best wishes, Miki

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