a quick update

Garden news:
We’ve got okra coming out of our ears and that is such a good thing. We are harvesting the maximum number that two people can possibly eat in a day and, quite soon, the plants should be producing enough that we can eat the max AND have some to freeze for the winter. I absolutely love pickled okra but the kind we are growing is not the right kind for pickling, so freezing it will be. It will be nice to have okra from the garden in the dead of winter 🙂 With the heat, we are not getting many tomatoes (only those that are now ripening but no new ones setting). In a couple of months, however, we should be getting a good fall harvest of them. I’ve just planted three more tomato transplants. Yesterday, we bought two more gypsy pepper transplants and two banana peppers and I plan to get those into pots on Sunday. I say we bought, but they turned out to be free as we’d racked up enough ‘points’ at the garden center to just take ’em away 🙂

Gingi news: Gingi is slowly getting better and yesterday was able to eat from a plate on the floor for the first time.

Yaeli news: I’ve lost 10 pounds! Go me. I’m still 30 pounds fatter than I was 3 years ago before hormonal hell kicked in from the fertility drugs but it is now slowly coming off. I’ve not changed my diet or exercise level (in fact, the exercise level has leveled off because of the intense heat).

I am really enjoying my learning to code experience. I’m not learning fast enough to suit me, though. The three courses I’m taking in the fall start in about two weeks and I’m hoping that they will be a bit more useful than two of the three courses I took in the spring. I’m supplementing my efforts with attending the Women Who Code weekly meetups, a paired coding meetup, and, next week, I start a meetup that focuses on Node.js.


2 responses to “a quick update”

  1. Coyote says :

    Has your “bean thief” reappeared?

    • Yaeli says :

      NO, but I think it is more because right now we don’t have any beans for harvesting! Our next batch of beans won’t be in until mid-September –and I’m going to be watching like a hawk!

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