Labour day update

I’ve been so busy of late that I haven’t had time to spit. It is all good, however. Classes started a couple of weeks ago and the advanced web programming class is very intensive. I’m also doing courses on databases (MYSQL), PHP, and photoshop. After the first assignment for the web prog. class last week, all of the students that were in the beginning programming class I took in the spring dropped this course. For the second assignment due last night, I literally worked on it from sun-up to sundown and beyond starting last Thursday.

The garden is doing great and a few weeks ago we broke even with it. We’d invested nearly $500 in it, the cost mostly going toward having those two big garden boxes (and trellis) built and buying the dirt to put in them — it took an insane amount of dirt to fill them. Now we are into the black and, from here on out, everything we harvest is profit — literally like money in the bank.

We’ve got about 30 eggplants (aubergines, chatzilim) ripening currently, the cherry tomatoes are really starting to set fruit (right now we’re just getting less than a handful of ripe ones a week), one vine of cucumbers is pretty much giving us a cucumber a day and there are six more vines, planted much later, that are nearly ready to start bearing fruit.

We’re getting almost (but not yet quite) too many of the gypsy peppers to eat in a day –the three plants are now totally laden with baby fruit — and so next week I am going to try my hand at pickling peppers. I’m going to do a medley of the gypsy peppers, cherry peppers, and hot Tabasco peppers. We are still getting tons of okra but, because of the intense heat and drought, about half of those I pick turn out to be too tough to eat. The interesting thing about it is that some of the really small “new” okra are seriously tough and some of the ones that got ginormous overnight are but then some of the ginormous ones are nice and tender and….In about two weeks, we should be starting to get the first fall harvest of green beans, provided the neighbour doesn’t do another sneak attack on them!


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