Studying hard, making plans

At the end of this semester, I’ll have one more official course and three teach thyself languages still to conquer, before being qualified for a front end dev job. I keep checking on the tech listings every week coming out of Israel and so have a pulse on the minimums needed to score a decent job. At the end of this semester I’ll have core JavaScript, PHP, Python and MySQL down (and fluency in HTML and CSS goes without saying). I’ll have JSON, AJAX, XML, and XSLT under my belt with a fingernail’s grasp and need to work with them more. Next semester should see the official Photoshop course (and the certificate for front-end dev) completed. I’ve got to add a really good grasp of Node.js, JQuery, and Ruby on Rails to my arsenal. I need to put together a portfolio showing off all these skills. Then, hopefully, I’ll be ready for bear.

On the garden front: The weather here is only just starting to turn chilly and I’ve got to steel my backbone to pull out the okra. It is still producing, though the productivity has really fallen off and, rather than 24hours from flower to table, it is more like 3 days. Someone came along and stole approximately 30 of our eggplants (and a few cucumbers and tomatoes) in two ‘sweeps’ a couple of weeks apart. They did leave us one of those “decorative” wooden eggplants in their place. Ummm, yeah, thanks but no thanks. I’ve got 9 cabbages in the ground and 7 cabbage seedlings nearly ready for transplant. The cabbage and lettuce seeds I’d planted two weeks ago were killed in the flood we had, but I’ve got more started.

I’ll update on the cats soon.


3 responses to “Studying hard, making plans”

  1. Coyote says :

    Yael hope you and your mother (and kitties) are safe.

  2. Omer Zak says :

    Two months later, … ?

  3. dumbledoresarmy says :

    How’s it going?

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