C’mon people, no line dancing spots…isn’t this TEXAS I’m in?

So, I really want to learn country line dancing. I’m tired of being a slug (sitting at the computer all day) and I am very much not a ‘go to the gym and lift weights/do yoga/pilates/you-name-it’ kinda girl. No, I want to learn something I can go out and use and have fun with it. So why country line dancing? Well it sure looks like a heck of a lot of fun (check the vid below and if it doesn’t make you want to leap out of your chair and join in I don’t know what would!). It also doesn’t involve a partner. I, ahem, don’t have a partner and I am so not into being paired up with some random dude.

Since I’m in the actual capital city of Texas, I thought surely there would be just oodles of places to learn the Texas version of line dances (and, honestly, if you are going to do country line dancing, you can’t get better than Texas style: Isn’t everything supposed to be bigger and better in Texas?!).

Well, it seems there are oodles of places in Texas where line dancing is the hip and in thing…just not in Austin. I’ve called more dance studios than you can shake your fist at and country dance halls/bars that host tons of (bring your partner!) two-steps and waltzes and, ya get the picture, with nary a one doing the line dancing thing. I’m not giving up.

In the meantime, check out this vid and shake a foot with a boot on it or not!:


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