June update on the garden savings goal and a neat gift

I’ve updated the D.A.R.A. Sanctuary garden page (http://garden.darasanctuary.com/) to reflect the savings we’ve gotten from harvesting the garden during the month of June. We are well on the way to meeting the garden challenge I set for myself: Grow $1500 worth of organic food in 70 sq. feet during just one year.

I’ve written about the problems we’ve had with people stealing food off the plants and the guy who ripped out all of the things in the small garden box (the pepper and tomatillo plants that were growing in there) but I’ve not written about some of the nice things that have happened as a result of growing food in the front yard. Our eggplants, in particular, are show-stoppers and so I’ve met some really nice people who have stopped to stare and admire them — we literally have had people drive past then back up, and sometimes get out of their car, to look at them and take pictures.

Well, a couple of months ago I had a nice chat with one young lady who frequently walks past the house on her lunch-break walk. She told me about her father’s garden and how he loves eggplants but has had no success with growing them here. I ran into the house and wrote down for her the seed packet information and where we ordered our Astrakom’s from (Baker Creek) so that he could give them a try. I’d have given her some seeds to take to him if I’d had any left. During the conversation, I was lamenting that it would soon be too hot for lettuces and greens and that we’d really miss them during the hot summer months. She told me that her father grows Malabar spinach in abundance over the summer and she’d see if she could get a few transplants for me.

I’d completely forgotten about our conversation until last Friday when, coming back out to the porch (my “office”) after feeding all the critters their evening meal, I found 4 little pots outside the door, each with a beautiful and healthy Malabar Spinach plant.

Kindness and thoughtfulness from strangers. It more than made my day (week, month, year). I still can’t get over the fact that she not only remembered our off-hand conversation but went to the effort of potting them up and making a special trip to deliver to them to someone she just has a ‘waving hi’ relationship with. Just. Totally. Awesome.


One response to “June update on the garden savings goal and a neat gift”

  1. lynne says :

    There are some really wonderful people in this world!!

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