A garden update

I’ve published our July garden savings over at the Dara Sanctuary Garden page (http://garden.darasanctuary.com/). Feel free to pop over and see what we harvested last month and how close we are to meeting my goal of growing $1500 worth of organic vegetables in a single year (and in only 70 Sq. Ft). Can we say I’m ambitious much? Yes, I think we can, but I’m making slow and steady progress toward that goal!

We had a very unusual two days of rain in July last week –something I’ve never encountered during the summer in Austin! It helped the garden (and hopefully also the water bill) immensely. I had every bucket and container I could find out to collect the run-off from the roof and was able to get all the tomato plants in grow-bags watered from that for several days after the rain.

Honestly, I’ve been so busy that I’ve been neglecting the garden. I did manage to get some zucchini, butternut squash, and HaOgen melon seeds planted yesterday — hopefully, for a fall harvest of them. A combination of the heat and squash borers killed off the squash and melon plants I’d planted in late spring, so we’ve gotten nada in that department so far this year.

I’ve got to carve out some time from somewhere to start green bean seeds in the garden and lettuce, cabbage etc seeds inside so that they are ready to transplant into the garden in mid-late September.


2 responses to “A garden update”

  1. lynne says :

    This is our hottest and driest month but the garden is holding up pretty well. I would have expected it to look like scorched earth. It’s productive and we are reaping the benefits of your hard work 🙂

  2. israeliminx says :

    I’m just astounded, and very happy, that we are still harvesting tomatoes. In this climate, unless you’ve got a greenhouse, it is rare to be able to harvest any tomatoes in July and we’ve had tomatoes set and are now harvesting tomatoes in August and waiting for the ones that set fruit in July to ripen. If we can get the plants to survive the heat of August, we should get a really healthy harvest in the fall!

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